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Aircraft Security A Human Factors Concept

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AbstractThis research paper will briefly discuss the history, trends and challenges on how best to secure aircraft, passenger and airports from threats. The issue of security of aircraft and its cargo has been debated and discussed since the early era of commercial flight. A major shift in thought to aircraft and airport security here in America began with the horrific tragedies of Sept 11, 2001. Many countries such as Israel have been dealing with these issues for some time now. Topics discussed in this paper are current and future trends affecting our safety. Many areas covered are successful and unsuccessful trends leading up to and after September 11th.IntroductionThe aviation industry ...view middle of the document...

The first recorded skyjacking of an airplane took place on Feb. 21, 1931 at the city of Arequipa, Peru when a group of rebel soldiers in Peru forced two American pilots to fly them about and drop propaganda leaflets over Lima. The pilots refused and the rebels ended their seizure on March 2, without any damages to the plane.The first case of skyjacking within the United States occurred on May 1, 1961, when a man forced a commercial airliner enroute from Miami to Key West, Fla., to detour to Cuba. It was the first of four flights diverted to Cuba that year.The use of hi-jacking has not always been for extreme acts of violence. At the beginning of aviation, many air piracy incidents occurred for the freedom of individuals from one country to another. This type of hi-jacking occurred during the 1940's and 50's. Many people did not agree with Communism and fled their country. Many Americans condoned this behavior thinking it was the right thing to do. Unfortunately, we are the example of our own misgivings. We believe some hi-jacking are alright if the cause can be explained, when we should be disciplining every accounted air piracy that has ever taken place. Until America realizes terrorists will kill for what they believe, no one is safe in the aviation industry.After years of a growing economy, aviation came to a stop. The new presidential administration must keep consumer confidence high. The economy and the aviation industry parallel each other. As one is affected the other is sure to follow. With this in mind, the last several years have been a roller coaster for both fields. What will happen next? What will happen with the traveling public? Like in the past, as the economy grows people earn more money. Having more money allows people to travel. Without the money people will not travel. Now throw a third variable into the mix, terrorism. If one is afraid to fly, what do they do with their money? Save it or spend it elsewhere.Before September 11th, no one had ever imagined such destruction could be caused from a hijacking. Everyone heard of bombs going off in planes and people dying from airplane crashes. When one thinks of hijacking, we think someone desperate to get attention. Possibly to free comrades or make a point religiously. Will the hijackers harm the people? Hopefully in the end the hostages are released, the hijackers arrested and everyone goes on about their business. New terror is realized when hijacking not only kills the people on board the plane, but the people that innocently sit at work in a building. Now aircraft are the weapon not the people on board. Aircraft Security must change to give passengers confidence to fly. Some people fly because their job requires while others fly for recreation. The aviation industry makes most of its profits from business and a small percentage from recreation. These are the majority of people that must be protected. Will we see changes in the air transportation industry and how will these...

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