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Al Capone         Al Capone Is One Of The Most Famous

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Al Capone Al Capone is one of the most famous gangsters in the world. Born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1989, he was the fourth child out of nine children born to his parents who emigrated from Naples, Italy. Capone's trouble started in the sixth grade when he was expelled from school for retaliating and hitting his teacher back after she had hit him. Capone then joined the James Street Gang, a tough gang of young teenagers, run by Johnny Torrio. Torrio himself would soon become a founding member of the Chicago Mob. The James Street gang was a part of the much larger (and less youthful) Five Points Gang where Capone later graduated to. Al Capone was hired by Torrio as a bouncer ...view middle of the document...

At the age of 26, Al Capone became the leaded of one of the worlds largest crime families. The Capone mob numbered over 1000, most of them cold blooded killers. He was a murderer, pimp, extortionist, and bootlegger, but the public loved him. Capone was seen in the company of movie stars, big business people, and political figures. What the public wanted, booze, prostitution and gambling, is what he restricted the outfits activities to. If the people are given what they want, they are not going to stop you. When seen at public events, Al Capone was cheered while president Herbert Hoover was booed. Capone surrounded himself with his most trusted mobsters. Trust was everything. If you couldn't trust your bodyguards, you would end up whacked. Capone's trust was placed with his men and the trust was returned equally. Capone became known as the man that could be counted on in any event. Even so, Al had to be careful. Many attempts were made to kill him. On one occasion, The O'Banion Gang sent a whole motorcade of gun happy mobsters past his Cicero Headquarters. Thousands of rounds were fired into the headquarters building but Capone escaped without a scratch Capone eventually dealt with his enemies. His most famous personal retribution involved the killing of three of his own men, John Scalise, Albert Ansemi and Hop Toad Giunta. Al found out that these men were conspiring to have him eliminated. He invited them to a banquet and after the meal he bashed their heads all over the dinner table with a club.Just prior to this, Capone orchestrated one of the most famous...

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