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Case Study #2
Describe 2-3 major issues/challenges from this case study.
There are many issues that seemed like a red flag in this case study. The first major issue is that the owner Fred, felt the need to switch up clothing attire requirements with existing employees whom he didn't consult with to get they're okay and see how they feel about the clothing thats required for work. He goes with and chooses revealing uniforms for the waitresses in hopes to draw more male customers to the restaurant. Another issue that I found in the case study was the manager Don not reaching out to Fred in regard to the complaints that Lucy is making about he feeling uncomfortable with the attire. The third issue is that Lucy actually objects to wearing the new uniforms and isn’t really given an option, the manager Don is reluctant to make his employee feel comfortable because they have been getting a lot of sales due to the new uniforms from inappropriate customers.
What are the business resources involved? How?
The business resources in which are involved are, experience from Don as the manager because has been there and seen what different techniques work and don’t work for the restaurant. Also, another thing is financial resource is involved because the whole reason why Fred the Owner made the decision he did because it would impact the customer satisfaction in a good way and also provide more business to his store that way. With the change of uniforms to more revealing, it caused more customers to come in for a show and to also get sales for the restaurant while they are there....

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