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Alcholism A Disease Or Not A Disease?

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There is a constant dispute amongst the medical and psychological community as to whether alcoholism is, in fact, a disease or just a state of mind. Many of the researcher have classified alcoholism as a disease (Alcoholism as a Disease 1). has defined "disease" broadly as an "involuntary choice made by the individual" (Dictionary 1). This definition does not comply with alcoholics at all, because they can easily like any other human being determine that drinking has many unwanted consequences behind it. But an alcoholic just simply doesn't care. They cause many of their own troubles by their behavior and the decisions they make, so why should they be looked upon as powerless ...view middle of the document...

A third symptom of an alcoholic is their Physical dependence. After an alcoholic cuts off their consumption of alcohol they may start to vomit, sweat, or shake (2). This "symptom" has absolutely nothing to do with any other kind of disease. Almost anyone is vulnerable to being reliant on a wide variety of substances. Many people see others get addicted to things like coke or weed and its never heard to call this addiction cokeism/weedism or even classify it as a disease. Therefore being addicted to something does not indicate that one has acquired a "disease". One of the last main symptoms of this so-called disease of an alcoholic is their tolerance. The tolerance of an alcoholic is the need to consume a larger quantity of alcohol than a non-alcoholic just to get "high" (3). There has not been any other "diseases" that have recorded to have the same symptoms as alcoholism. Therefore this symptom also cannot conclude that alcoholism is a disease. Therefore the presences of "symptoms" do not provide any evidence of a pre-existing disease (Alcoholism as a Disease 1).Many of the diseases in the world today have treatments that help to control or cure a disease. Alcoholism on the other hand is not a disease because it all begins with ones decision to consume alcohol. There are absolutely no cures for free will. There are no unknown or secrete reasons for an addiction, or the causes of diseases. An addiction treatment is definitely a false practice, because when one has gone to a treatment center, the success rate for getting the one to stop drinking is slim to none (Gale 2). This is all because the person must have will power to stop drinking alcohol and when the person is forced to stop his consumption of alcohol, he is almost guaranteed to drink again when not being supervised. These so-called addicts become very desperate to stop their habit, which causes them to be highly open to information that is supposedly intended "help" them. They are forced to take control of their life by living an alcohol/drug free life. More than anything else, they need to hear the truth about addiction and...

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