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Alcoholism Essay

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AlcoholismAlcoholism is a very controversial topic. It can be found anywhere on the internet and in books. Since it can be found anywhere, the information needs to be credible and trusted. Evaluating websites is very useful when researching topics. Different criteria such as accuracy, authority, objectivity, currency, and coverage of web documents must be used to evaluate the sites. Each one can make or break the site.Accuracy of websites is very important. It can determine if the website is credible. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism also known as NIAAA is a very accurate site. It is a government site which means, its produced and published by the government. In ...view middle of the document...

However, NIAAA is a government site, which provides all facts and does not try to persuade in any way.Many sites have authors, publishers, and webmasters but how do you know if they provide credible information. NIAAA is strictly a government site, which means it can be trusted. Dr. Kington did not directly write the page but can be considered the "go to guy" for the sites information. He has earned undergraduate and medical degrees from the University of Michigan. He is board-certified in internal medicine, geriatric medicine and public health and preventative medicine. He has also done research which includes studies of the role of socioeconomic status in explaining differences in health across populations and the determinants of health care services utilization. Like the NIAAA site, MADD provides no Webmaster or author of the site. MADD's director is the president, Wendy Hamilton. She basically has worked her way up to become the president. She had her sister killed in a drunk driving crash in 1984 and since then has vowed to get involved with drinking and driving. NIAAA is a government-funded site and MADD is a non-profit organization. Both sites have directors and can be considered to be credible.Web sites often have different objectives and goals they wish to meet. The main purpose of NIAAA is to provide information to the public. It offers no biased opinions or articles. All of the information is provided in great detail and can be assured that it is correct. MADD on the other hand is all about persuasion. Its main goal is to sway the public from alcohol. It also informs people on dangers of alcohol and provides statistics on drinking and driving accidents. I believe that MADD is more of a persuasion tool than a site to give information. These sites are completely different...

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