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Alexander Graham Bell's Inventions And Their Fnfluence

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Alexander Graham BellAlexander Graham Bell invented one of the most common instruments in use today, the telephone. The telephone started a new age in communication technology. He also founded the Bell Telephone Company, which later became the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T). It became one of the world's most successful corporate conglomerates.Few people realized how Bell's invention would revolutionize ...view middle of the document...

He imagined uses for his telephone, like an office tool, but would he ever have imagined the amazing revolution the telecommunication industry has undergone? Bell's "electrical speech machine" paved the way for the Information Superhighway. Your ability to access information on your computer relies on telecommunications technology. Bell, never realizing, had a glimpse of the basic principle which would one day find its application in the tape recorder, the computer, CD-ROM, and many more things used daily in our life today.Bell had many other influential achievements throughout the remainder of his life. For example, his teaching methods had a tremendous improvement for the education of the death. He investigated the nature and causes of deafness and made a detailed study of its heredity. Bell maintained a lifelong commitment to the education of the deaf.Throughout Bell's productive life, he invented and had numerous ideas, which benefited to what our culture has become today. Nowadays, non-hearing people are able to use a special display telephone to communicate. The telecommunication industry has undergone an amazing revolution.

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