Alignment Of HRM And Business Strategies - Strayer HRM 530 - Assignment

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Alignment of HRM and Business Strategies
Alignment of HRM and Business Strategies
Tashinda Johnson
Professor Iwuanyanwu
HRM 530
Organizations must recognize that the HR department and its duties are a strategic asset when aligning business with HR. The HR department must align with the goals of the organization. Performing departmental assessments would be a great start to see where your department is, gain insight, and adjust to plan for the future. Open dialogue between the leadership team and HR department should be had to define the company goals, and departmental goals need to be put in place to achieve them. Setting specific company goals, or overarching, must be identified and explained to the HR department and incorporating technology to automate goal-setting processes. This will ensure smooth operation and will keep communication open while monitoring departmental goals.
Ford motor company HR department have a wide range of jobs listed that are not limited to HR positions but include them. They have over 296 jobs listed. Its job postings include:
HR Labor Relations Representative
· Deliver HR products and services, including labor agreements, by applicable employment laws, regulatory agencies, regulations, policies, and practices (e.g., ethics, health, and safety)
· Analyze data and use technology to proactively identify and diagnose business needs/opportunities and develop solutions to meet those needs. Mobility Analytic Products and Services Product Designer
· Maintain a user-centered approach in design perspective and practice
· Work as a collaborative team member with business partners, developers, and fellow designers
· Lead products from discovery and framework through iterative development and delivery
· Help product managers and product owners assess and prioritize opportunities and constraints
Software engineer
· Write production-quality code to deploy these solutions on the Transportation-as-a-Service solutions
· Monitor and evaluate the performance of our solutions
· Support and develop a code to enhance the testing platform
· Collaborate with teams working on autonomous vehicles software solutions
Occupational Health Nurse
· Provision of Medical Care (Emergency & Non-Emergency)
· Process Clinical Records
· Process Medical Leaves of Absence
· Process Short Term Medical Absences (return to work from short term absence)
· Open, extend and close medical leaves
· Conduct Medical Examinations
· Cond...

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