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All About Me Essay

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Marika Davis09/10/14Texas GovernmentAll About MeMy name is Marika Davis, and I'm trying my best to make a change in this world ! I am a split major between criminal law and psychology, I love helping individuals,but besides all of the hard work that waits for me in the future, I am also a girl who loves to shop !One of the reasons I am a split major is because i'm still deciding on which major I want to choose from. They are both excellent jobs that saves the world in many ways. For example, if I continued with the criminal law major, I would become a police officer to save people from violence or just to communicate ...view middle of the document...

I am a open-hearted person, helping people is what I was born to do. For example, I have volunteered for many things,but one of my best help was volunteering to help the homeless people at Star of Hope. They give me so much joy when I come around. They memorize my name and speak every time they get a chance to, and just that small thing warms my heart with love. With all of the things they have been through,they still shower me with bundles of love. Like I said helping people is what I was born to do, and I cant stop that anytime soon. My family and I also take a couple of children to the mall once a month to let the shop for whatever they like, which would be mostly toys or clothes. And if it is mostly girls they would try to get whatever I get because they consider me a fashionable person.Going shopping is something every girl loves to do,but maybe I love it a little more. I go at least once or twice a week. I try not to feel bad about spending money because I give most of my old clothes to charity or i'll drive down to the shelter and give them away. Walking in the mall gives me peace and walking out of the mall with shopping bags make me even happier.With all that being said you should now know that I am a girl with an enormous heart, and I am so lucky to have met the people that is in my life. I have many friends all over the world and I am here to put a smile everyone's face.

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