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People often take matters into their own hands. They also hold grudges for long periods of time. Many times for such people, revenge is a first resort. With this population betrayal is common. In Always Running by Luis Rodriguez, gang members define justice as vigilantism. Some people have hatred towards others and hold it for an extended time. In Always Running, Chava plans for many years to go after Luis because of a grudge. Chava got stabbed several times by a gang called Lomas and because of this he is disfigured and scarred. This is explained on ...view middle of the document...

In the world today lots of people feel double-crossed. Luis' own gang friends came after him. Luis' friends feel betrayed by him because he wants to do something positive. "The homeboys tried to kill me." Luis says on page 238. Treachery is what people go through in today's society. This book is written in such a way that it makes the reader feel like she/he is there. It also allows the reader to understand the characters. The author uses descriptive poetic language. This is shown on page 211 where says " He toppled to the ground, touched the wet sweet smelling blades of grass, and it was their simple, slight odors, sensations and sound which gripped his attention." The way the author wrote this book makes it easy to comprehend. The book is realistic. Like Chava some individuals hold resentment towards others. Retaliation is very often what people consider just as Rudy's friends did. Many persons feel deceived by others like Luis did when his friend tried to kill him. This book relates to real life. Most people feel they have to respond the way they want to get justice. Aggression usually plays a role. Retribution takes lots of energy and hatred. In today's world disloyalty is faced by everybody. In Luis Rodriguez' book Always Running vigilantism is a way of life.

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