America's Crisis: Trump, Flint Water Crisis, Etc. Gr 12 English Assignment

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Khristian Diorico
Ms. Woods
July 5th, 2019
America’s Crisis?
The United States of America, the greatest nation in the world, or so we say. In Fahrenheit 11/9, written and produced by Michael Moore, Moore speaks on the state of American politics, and how it has fallen. By the end of the movie, Moore explicitly deduces his thesis to be that the whole system of America, right down to the constitution is what is wrong with the nation. Moore does this in a very serious yet humorous tone. He talks about many serious topics like the Flint water crisis or how Trump is a misogynistic and racist narcissist. However, Moore adds character to the story through the use of humor. He claims that the reason Trump even ran for president in the first place was that Gwen Stefani was making more money than him. Another example of his humor is how Moore personally visits Governor Rick Snyder’s mansion and sprays down his house with Flint’s poisoned water. Michael Moore uses many points of emphasis to drive home his point. One of the many is Trump himself. Moore shows us many examples of how Trump is attracted to his daughter and his misogyny. Moore also says Trump, “played the media for suckers” by doing horrible things out in the open, in the public’s eyes. Which somehow made what he was doing right. Trump underhandedly used the media to his advantage and kept attention on himself. Moore also states that the Democratic party also contributed to the rise of Trump to office. The democratic party was rigging the vote outcomes in West Virginia to be in favor of Hilary Clinton, which made long-time democrat voters leave the party, due to their votes not even mattering. Moore also showed us the Flint water crisis. After Governor Rick Snyder decided to create a new water pipeline for profit, he changed Flint’s water supply from Lake Huron to the Flint river, which is a known sewage dump. As a result, almost every child in the city of Flint had been diagnosed with lead poisoning, or should I say should’ve been diagnosed with lead poisoning. The government decided to keep the lead levels private even though in most cases, the lead levels of thousands of children from Flint was more than double the safe amount and it was kept secret for over 1.5 years. Even to this day, in July 2019, Flint’s water still is not completely safe to drink. Moore develops his argument organized in a cause and effect manner. He states what led to each problem then shows us the aftermath. An example, is how he showed us that Gwen Stef...


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