America's Democracy Final Paper Ashford University, Pol 201 Essay

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America’s Democracy
Daniel E. Skelton
POL 201 – American National Government
Ashford University
Instructor's Ray Fullard
October 1st, 2017
America’s Democracy
The United States’ government has always been the forefront of conversation all over the world since its establishment in 1789. Weather it is someone speaking about something controversial or someone defending it, politics is always a topic on its people’s mind. When the United States’ government was established it was very well thought out and detailed but over time issues have arisen and become more apparent when facing constant new challenges in an ever-changing world. When analyzing the United States’ government, it helps to start at the beginning with the Constitution, both its strengths after all these years, and its weakness’. Implementing new policy is tough in our government, but there are some advantages and disadvantages in having one agency of the federal bureaucracy implement a new policy. Additionally, considering our houses of government or more specifically how the Executive branch could do a better job. As well as the interest groups that help get laws passed but sometimes are too focused on personal agendas and don’t focus on what’s best for the United States or the greater good. These all are key parts of the United States’ government, and while they all have their roles and most of the time function as they are supposed to, there are some issues that show up either over time or when facing a new challenge, and those issues could be made better with some well thought out process and implementation.
US Constitution
The Constitution of the United States of America, is one of the strongest written convictions of a government in history, laying the foundation of the right to freedom for everyone. Inside the constitution, its writers detailed how the Government would be divided so no one person could take over. One strength of the U.S. Constitution is that it sets in place a system of checks and balances and separates the powers of government between the three branches. The creation of the executive, judicial, and legislative branch formed our government with specific intent. This specific part took a considerable amount of time to develop because they wanted to ensure not only the Constitution withstood the challenge that time would present, but also ensure that our government stayed carried on though the peaceful transition of power. The specific delegates who revised it prior to the Constitutional Convention made sure that this was a key part of it. Fine and Levin-Waldman stated that “the delegates did not trust the masses to govern themselves yet believed that a legitimate government could exist only if it rested on popular sovereignty.” (Fine & Levin-Waldman, 2016)
Much like any finely written piece of history The Constitution was not without its flaws. One weakness to the U.S. Constitution...


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