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2 May 2018
Global Warming – Myth or Reality and Its Consequences?
We usually hear about global warming on the television. What is global warming? Global warming is a term which uses by scientist to indicate the average temperature of the Earth has increased since the 1950s until now. In another word, global warming is also referring to climate change due to the increase in the average of temperature. Therefore, global warming has been a subject of political controversy. However, nowadays with the scientific knowledge has grown, the scientists doubt that global warming is the reality and its consequence if the climate change.
The climate on the Earths has continuously changed since the Earth was formed. The Earth rotates around the sun which changes the intensity of sunlight and also the area where receive sunlight. Besides, thank greenhouses gases in the atmosphere such as carbon dioxide, the Earth can trap and keep the heat. During the day, sunlight goes from the sun to the Earth and Earth's surface warm up. However, Earth’s surface will cool at night when the sunset because of it releases the heat back into the air. At that time, greenhouses gases will trap some of the heat in the atmosphere, and this help creature can survive on the Earths at night. This is very different from other planets in the solar system. In the past, the sources of carbon dioxide primarily come from volcanic eruptions and forest fires. Nevertheless, since the Industrial Revolution happen, the amount of carbon dioxide has been increasing. Once the carbon dioxide increase, the temperature of Earth increase because it trap more and more solar radiations. Besides, another issue that causes global warming is methane (Ch4). Methane can trap more heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxyde about by 20 times, so it...


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