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What is the actual question/statement – you must refer to it specifically American Beauty underline titles, directed by Sam Mendes, is set in suburban America and follows the life of the central protagonist, Lester Burnham, who is living the typical ‘American Dream’. He appears to have a stable job, ideal house with a garden full with immaculate red roses, and a loving wife (Carolyn) and daughter (Jane). However, the film challenges and invites the audience to simply ‘look closer’ and uncovers all is not what it seems as appearance and reality two very different things. Sam Mendes demeans the ideal of the ‘American Dream’ by clearly portraying the dysfunction and insincerity of both family life and work life.
American Beauty mocks the ‘American Dream’ and the idea that hard work and opportunity is rewarded by status, power and wealth. Here, it is perceived that wealth equals success and is expressed through the acquisition of material goods. great analysis This is portrayed mainly by Lester’s wife Carolyn who highly believes in this philosophy. She proudly parades possessions to others knowing that they will judge the appearance of these and associate her and her family with such things as high status, power and wealth. For example, Carolyn obsessively maintains a garden full with immaculate red roses, which is a very important motif in the film and in this particular example associates with the idea of exterior beauty and perfection.integrated evidence Carolyn works very hard to gain a high place in status and in doing so gains power and an income that can buy her anything she desires. What she desires are material goods she thinks others will admire, even though they are meant to enhance family life and individual happiness equating to having ‘beauty’ in your life. Carolyn proudly parades possessions showing she has ownership of expensive goods, such as a silk sofa produced in France. It is reinforced she cares a great deal about withholding the appearance of something when Lester tries to be romantic with her. On the silk couch, Carolyn and Lester are attempting to rekindle their love for each other, but Carolyn stops this fearing Lester will spill the beer he had in his hand. Lester is rejected and bitter, bluntly pointing out Carolyn’s obsession with materialism “This is just stuff and it’s become more important to you than living.” Here, we discover that striving for this type of ‘beauty’ in you life is entirely alienating and creates deep unhappiness, a degree of ‘self loathing’ and dysfunction in relationships. this is a lengthy para – you would need to edit it
The film parodies the corporate culture that abuses its employees through the guise of ‘restructuring’, ‘performance appraisals’, ‘reapply...


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