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American "Conversation Ideal" And Communication Essay

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The American “conversation ideal” is a multi-channel communication. It is based on continuous feedback from one person to another, face to face. It is very common to see one person saying his opinion to another holding up a conversation in many social groups. Personally, I concluded that my friends share their opinions about an issue such as the football game in a group. They will say things like, “That touchdown just screwed us over, and we should have won that game.” The American “Conversation Ideal” is also identified as spontaneous utterances (Croteau Hoynes 34). This means that people do not wait to talk and blurt out things that are on their mind. People ...view middle of the document...

” It is clear that the person A can act as a sender and a receiver, while there is feedback back and forth in the American “Conversation Ideal”.Communication is the transmission of message from one entity to another. There are four aspects in the process of communication: sender, message, receiver, and feedback. The sender is either a person or a media that sends a message to a specific person or an audience. For example, the sender can be my roommate or the radio since it is a source where the message is being delivered. The message is the substance that the sender is trying to send to another. The message can be viewed as an onion peel, where there are deeper meanings as you peel the skin. The receiver is always a human being getting a message from the sender. The receiver obtains the message and can either ignore it or incorporate it to his life. As a result, communication plays a special role to culture since the receiver can incorporate the message to his culture. Therefore, “Culture is communication, communication is Culture”. The mass media is an example of this linear model of sender, message, receiver, and feedback. The mass media such as the television (sender) broadcasts a message to the receivers (television watchers) all around the globe (Croteau...

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