American Democracy In Peril Economic Inequality Stan State Political Science Assignment

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Economic Inequality
In this chapter I believe the main theme Hudson discusses is both political and social equality and inequality. Political equality is defined as all people being equally qualified to rule. Hudson says this is the core value of democratic theory. Hudson thinks we should be Skeptical of elite leadership because of their alleged superiority. He states that this has lead to revolutions. Despite this fact there are many theories as to why the elite should be allowed to rule. Many believe that they have divine right, racial supremacy, and aristocratic blood. They also believe that some people are just born with this knowledge on how to govern and to not believe in that system is to believe in a broken government. Hudson uses the ideas of Plato as an example. Plato believed in elite rule, he believed that power should be given to the person that has been trained on how to use it since birth. Some flaws with Plato’s ideas are that politics are about the end game rather than the details of getting there. Hudson goes on to say that the relationship between political and social equality in a democratic society is controversial. Equal rights to political participation does not require that citizens be equal in any other way. Hudson says that one way to be sure we are benefiting from equality is if the political rules of the game are the same for everyone, there should be no...

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