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American/French Revolution Essay

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Two of the greatest Revolutions that occurred between the late1700's through the mid- 1800's, is the American Revolution and theFrench Revolution. The American was a huge turning point inAmerican history, and the French Revolution was one of the mostimportant events in the history of the world. Both of these revolutionshad great impacts both then and now.The American Revolution marked the end of the British rule andthe beginning of the new self-governed America. The AmericanRevolution began when the king of ...view middle of the document...

And so theRevolution began.During the American Revolution, ideas from the Old World wereput to the test. Ideas such as separation between the church and thestate, written constitutions, and sovereignty of the people were just afew. When the American colonists won their independence fromBritain, the United States of America was created.The French Revolution was mostly caused by the disputesbetween the different social classes in the French society and theirideas in which to control the government. At the time of therevolution, France was the most powerful state in Europe. Theauthorities of kings, priests and nobles were questioned during thistime. Many new political meanings and ideas were introduced to thepeople, many which would later be useful. New political forces suchas democracy and nationalism were developed because of theFrench Revolution.The American Revolution and French Revolution, occurring atabout the same time, has both a number of differences, and somesimilarities. The French Revolution was a bloody, violent war, whilethe American Revolution, for the most part, was not very violent.Though there were differences in these revolutions, both wereimportant events in world history.

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