American Identity Talking About The Ways American People Can Find Their Own National Identity English Essay

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American Identity
Americans once had a unifying national Exodus story that they celebrated each Thanksgiving, no matter which nationality they were. This story was foundational to their national identity. Despite waves of immigration and the civil rights movement, the original identities and cultures of new immigrants were ultimately assimilated into their new national identity as American citizens. However, American people don’t have a common narrative today due to the current multicultural narrative dominant in every schoolhouse which says that Americans are divided into different biological groups and the status of each group is defined by the oppression that it has suffered. To solve this problem, American people need to be very proactive about creating a new national narrative.
The first step that Americans should take is to treat each other with respect, dignity and morality. Every human being is entitled to equality and non-discrimination --- two primary articles in human rights law. However, discriminatory practices, racial and religious, are still widely spread on a national scale. Some Caucasian Americans living in South America, for instance, think that they are superior to Black Americans, Aboriginals and new immigrants. These people shouldn’t have divided into groups in the first place. However, now that they have, they need to take incremental steps to eliminating such prejudices. Eliminating religious discrimination based on...

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