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The​ American Response to Nazi Germany
When studying the many atrocities committed by Nazi Germany during the
Holocaust, it is often very hard to understand how no force was able to resist such
heinous and cruel behavior. As the Jews were crammed into trains, barracks, and gas
chambers, they often turned to God for answers, explanations, and assistance. As
inmates were being eliminated by the thousand and families were split apart, their
traditional view of God as their Protector and Provider had began to diminish. They
needed assistance from a country with available resources that was willing to help. The
United States had the technology and manpower to stop the extermination, however,
our nation’s willingness to aid the Jews was in question. ​The United States, under the
Roosevelt administration could have reacted in a much more proactive way and as a
result saved many lives during the Holocaust. Through an analysis of President
Roosevelt and other American citizens’ decisions and priorities, it becomes clear as to
why the "home of the brave" did not act in a more proactive manner after continuously
receiving reports of mass extermination.​ Primarily, President Roosevelt was very
concerned with protecting political capital. The Great Depression had recently hit the
United States, and Roosevelt was very focused on passing the New Deal. Additionally,
Roosevelt was very heavily influenced by prominent personalities such as Henry Ford,
Charles Lindbergh, and Father Coughlin. Many of the other issues preventing Roosevelt
from prioritizing the Jews was U.S. military confrontation in Japan, the failure of the
Bermuda Conference, and the disregard for Jews hoping to seek refuge in The United
States. Aside from President Roosevelt himself, many Americans simply either could
not comprehend, or did not want to believe what was happening in Europe. Newspaper
companies did not present Nazi actions properly, which resulted in many Americans
putting the Holocaust in the back of their minds. Decades later, as the Holocaust is
studied, many people still remain curious as to why the Holocaust was able to hellishly
rage on for years. When analyzing the years of operating concentration camps, one can
conclude that it is undeniable that the United States of America acted insufficiently.
The United States suffered very significantly from the Great Depression. At its
height, 25% of Americans were without a job. When President Roosevelt was elected
into office in 1933, he delivered his inaugural address focusing on the importance of
Americans working collectively to repair a nation devastated by bank failures, factory
closings, and farm foreclosures. The United States was clearly dealing with economic
issues, however Americans’ inability to recognize the brutality of the Hitler regime cost
many Jews their lives. As people struggled with unemployment and loss of capital,
newspaper companies began to report the mass extermination. Demonstrated by The
Abandonment of the...

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