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American War Essay

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Political Parties Essay By Binh Nguyen During the 1790s, there was a development between the formations of the Federalist and Republican Party. Many events during that period including the creation of the Alien Sedition Acts of 1798 and the XYZ Affair caused this to happen. Because of this, there were many issues between these political parties.. The Federalist was one of the parties during the period. They tend to favor a strong federal government and liberal interpretation of the Constitution. They like to deal with anything that has to do with commerce and business. This party consists mostly of wealthy people. The Democratic/Republican party was the opposing party during ...view middle of the document...

When the act was created, the Federalists wrote the law to expire in 1801 so it won't backfire on them. Also, due to the acts passed, four Republican newspapers were charged with sedation when the election started. The Federalists claimed that they never intended to flood jails with Republicans. Instead, they wanted to intimidate the journalists and candidates. The other cause of these issues was the Election of 1800. In the election, the candidates were current president John Adams and current vice-president Thomas Jefferson. At the end, Adams lost the vote by 8 electoral votes. Although he lost, the election was not over since all the electors voted for both their party's nominees. This resulted in a dead-lock tie. It took 35 attempts to break the tie and finally Thomas Jefferson was the winner of the election by a small margin. Since the election was set up where the winner is the President and the runner-up is the Vice-President, it caused many problems. Since the President is a Republican and the Vice-President is a Federalist, this cause many conflicts in ideas in issues they have to deal with including the trial of Marbury vs. Madison. The XYZ Affair was also one of the causes of the developments of two parties. Although Adams sent a peace commission to Paris...

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