An Account Critically Reflecting The Use Of Interviews Northampton Assignment

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GEO3030 Geographers at work
AS2 Reflective report
Through the season of the geographers at work module, we needed to apply for occupations parts where I applied for the environmental change officer part and needs to fill out the application form and in addition giving an introductory cover letter. Notwithstanding that, I was a apart of an interview panel whereby we needed to devise and make inquiries as part of a group, to check whether those who applied were fit for the part in which they applied for. Additionally, I was also interviewed to see whether I could be fruitful contender for the part. Being a part of the mock interview application procedure empowered me to do some self-reflection, assessment, and helped me to comprehend the qualities and the shortcomings of the experience.
The Application Process:
The application process consisted of us filling in an online application form which was challenging because of how different applying for a role is compared to the mock interview process. For the first part of the application form we has to provide examples of us where we demonstrated teamwork, creative thinking and our communication skills. This was a challenge because for me to speak about myself with only 150 words is something hard and I would have to get to the point fairly quickly and keep it very concise. I also found it difficult to think about an example which best fit the skills required, especially with me doing a variety of jobs over the year and having a range of skills. In addition to that, the application process was a challenge as I have not completed an application form for some time now which has led to me not being able to finish it quickly and not having time to check over the application form to see if I have completed all the required sections. Lastly, when completing the application form, It took me longer than expected due to me having to complete time consuming aspects such as past education which is hard to re-trace especially with my secondary school site closing earlier this year.
Cover letter needs to be clear, concise and neatly presented
Through using the STAR approach (with focus on action) I could respond to sections critically in the application.
Completing all sections which require personal information
Trought ( 2012) suggest reading through the job criteria and matching skills and experience which is gained through academic and non - academic situation.
An understanding that the cover letter needs to be directly relate to me and what I am applying for
Emphasising relevant skills I have in relation to the job description.
Being able to have a high level of computer knowledge which is essential for the requirements
Having enough information to link the skills I have
Throughout the interview process, I was able see the skills I have and also it enabled me to see if I would be a suitable candidate for the role which I have applied for. Throughout the process, I showed that...

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