An Analogy Essay Between Dolphin And Myself Eng Essay

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Yvee Liu
Ms. Hahn
23 February 2018
My Pink Self
Rob Howes was swimming with his daughter, and two of his friends on the North Island of New Zealand, when a group of dolphins suddenly appeared. The dolphins started to herd the humans. Rob didn’t understand what happened until he saw a white shark that only two meters away from them. The dolphins were trying to protect them, and it continued for 40 minutes. Dolphin is such a helpful creature but sad to learn that. The pink dolphins in Amazon are endangered now. After I heard this story, I thought there must be a dolphin living in my body, although I don’t live in water and eat fish all the time. We still share so many similarities in streamlined physical features and behaviours, colourful social life, and caring treatment of others.
One reason of I believe there is a dolphin in me is because we share similar streamlined physical features and behaviours. Otherwise why I have a slim a body even if I eat so much like I have two stomachs? Otherwise why I am humpbacked? My back is not as curve as an elder’s, but if I don’t start to fix it now I believe I will be the youngest “old woman” in the world. If there was not a dolphin in me, I think I would prefer to swimming quietly instead of leap on the ground vivaciously. Just like a dolphin, I always have a big smile on my face, either. I told you, you should believe this ridiculous truth.
As you may know or not, I live in the social groups of the closest five friends and several hundreds of familiar people like the dolphin. I like to stay in my pods all day if it is possible, like a highly sociable mammal. We have some small parties on weekends regularly, but we don’t do things like hunting fish. The most tormented situation for me would be to stay alone. I can’t stand it at all. A skill that make me proud is feeling comfortable to play with other “species”, like my Canadian friends, Dubai friends and Korea friends. Just like the lively dolphin like to play with whales, seals and the dog suddenly appear in the sea. I will never feel embarrassed, anxious or abashed. I enjoy making friends and I see them as my treasure. Not only I can’t leave my friends, my friends can’t leave me, either. Because I’m always the person who splash the water to make everyone “high”, and making the shy people opened their shells and involved us by floating with them is also my “job”. I act agilely and playfully in front of people all the time. My social life is colourful and enjoyable.
I think I will only helping people and eating if I’m a real dolphin. It must make me the cutest dolphin in the world. Still remember the story about dolphins saved Row’s daughter and his friends? Not just this one incident, but tons of. Dolphins help people a lot, it’s also a reason why I think there is one in me. I enjoy giving people who are in need of helping a hand. In my past experience, I helped my friends in academic study and personal life. I always explained the difficult questions they were stuck on after classes, just like the dolphins to protect them in the centre of the circle. Not only the people I know, I was a volunteer to help disabled people clean their rooms, cut their nails, read them newspaper, etc. “Roses given, fragrance in hand.” This is an old saying in my Chinese culture which means you will feel satisfied and happy after helping other. I’d like to see other people have happiness because of me. I see helping people who need help as my responsibility.
Over all, I think I clearly proved I am a dolphin to you from our streamlined physical features and behavious, colourful social life, and caring treatment of others. Although I don’t have long snout, big mouth, curved dorsal, and I don’t live in water (even though I used to when I was not born I believe you trust me now and you must think dolphin is one of the cutest animals in the world. Are you hardhearted enough to see them disappear forever? Not all kinds of dolphins are at risk, but we need to care about the plight of dolphins now. Or the result of the pink dolphins in Amazon River will happen on other dolphins. Do you know there are only around 1,200 dolphins in the Amazon River now? Please do something, don’t let the Earth lose such a cute creature.


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