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An Assessment Of The Organizing Functions Of Management

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Organization 2An Assessment of the Organizing FunctionOf ManagementThe article titled, "How Advisers Can Help You Grow," expresses how small business owners are taking the opportunity to have an organizing board of directors do management planning for small businesses in a variety of areas. There are many organizing process that businesses may utilize and one of them is the use of organized advisory boards or consultants to help plan out the companies' financial plans and future business solutions. These small businesses use the advisory boards as help in the organizing of the company and the functions of management.There are many reasons why businesses would want to bring in outside ...view middle of the document...

Each business should find consultants that can shape the organizational strategies with the company and provide useful advice and feedback. The best directors will be well rounded individuals and have a jack-of all trades type of knowledge. Small businesses may find a consultant, an accountant and a lawyer useful on their board of directors. Retired or semi-retired executives would be wise choices for companies because these people can focus on the company and have more time to work with the company. Retired or semi-retired consultants can make a major contribution to corporations (Buss, 1996).The organizing board of directors would benefit the company in many ways. They can offer different perspectives on upcoming challenges or obstacles. Directors have extensive amounts of networks, contacts and other connections that can benefit the company. "A board of directors can help broaden its decision-making expertise and generate more business" (Buss, 1996). Advising boards will plan and take the small-businesses to a new level with financial benefits and complete company organization. Advisory boards help guide companies and the amount of business with consultants is growing (Buss, 1996). Small business owners are finding that advisory boards can fulfill many functions and expand areas that need improvement. They provide strict financial guidance, cut costs and professionalize operations (Buss, 1996).Organizing 4These outside organizing advisory boards can offer different perspectives on management challenges and obstacles that have not been considered. "The best board members function like antennae, sensing both dangers and opportunities that may be typical in business-but nay be new to the owner" (Buss, 1996). Directors present the big picture and can serve as an agent for action.The...

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