An Essay About How To Deal With Insecurities And Not Feeling Secure Not Being Contempt With One’s - Class - Essay

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Overcoming Insecurity
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Avraham Stein, Stony Brook, NY
MyLife Essay Contest 2018
Insecurity is a big challenge today. It is common,
and I have seen it in many people, including in my
friends, and in myself. There are times when
people will be doing something not necessarily
right, but since the majority would be doing it, you
and others would feel insecure about not joining in
together. You would feel left out, and feel bad about
yourself because of insecurity. Not only that, but it
affects your relationship because you can no
longer “be” yourself. You must act the part to fit in.
People will always worry about what others are
thinking or saying about them. They will worry and
think they might not be good enough, or that they
must change their behavior to fit in. There are
many psychologists who have ways to “cure”
insecurities, but with Chassidus there is another
way. Before I get into the way of Chassidus, I must
first go in depth to understand the problem of
insecurity better.
There are two parts to insecurity. One part of
insecurity is being insecure about who you are, and
what you have to offer. The other part is being
insecure about your relationship with others, and
how they may perceive you. Even within these two
parts, there are another two parts. Insecurity can
be physical, or it can be spiritual.
Physical insecurities affect the way you relate with
other people. Spiritual insecurities relates to your
relationship with Hashem. If you are insecure
spiritually, you might be insecure about yourself,
unsure if you are going the right way about life, with
your connection with Hashem, and other
challenges. Even within spiritual insecurity, an
aspect of physical insecurity can interfere too. You
may feel physically insecure about building a
spiritual relationship with Hashem, afraid others
might think “different” of you etc. But about physical
insecurities, it affects you in a way I wrote earlier,
about “you and others would feel insecure about
not joining in together. You would feel left out, and
feel bad about yourself because of insecurity. Not
only that, but it affects your relationship because
you can no longer “be” yourself. You must act the
part to fit in”.
The main source of insecurity I will be addressing
is being insecure about yourself–as that can also
be a form of spiritual insecurity, and can help with
curing physical insecurities, as seen in the
following Sicha.
Sefer HaSichos 5751 Parshas Titzave, page 353-
“Name” vs. Essence in relationship to
other people:
“You” goes on the essence of a perso...

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