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Rocio Zuniga Zuniga 1
Prof. McKenneon
English 100 M,W Spring 2018
4 April 2018
Music is Everywhere, But Is It Really for Everyone ?
Music is what makes the world go round; it is everywhere and for everyone. Music has
been one of the biggest influences in the world. It is more than just a sound put together; music is
a message, which raises the big question. Is freedom of expression in music negatively impacting
our society? Freedom of speech is one's ability to manifest their true thoughts and opinions,
without limits or restrictions. Freedom of speech is very much incorporated in music. However,
when a person expresses their freedom of speech there is a chance it will not be practiced in the
most appropriate way.
Exposure to the outside world starts at such a young age. In other words, a person begins
to be influenced from the moment they can walk or talk. Although there is a bright side to music,
there is also a very negative side to it that can go unnoticed. Having no restrictions or rules, the
messages in music can be very inappropriate, destructive, and even wicked. The music of today
not only has a negative impact on our society but it brings up the issue of whether the freedom of
expression, and speech is being practiced appropriately .
In the article “Curbing the Sexploitation Industry” by Tipper Gore, she explains how
much damage the music industry is causing and what is wrong with it. Her main focus is rock, or
sexy rock as she puts it, and she states; “...a celebration of the most gruesome violence and
explicit messages...” She then adds the fact that many rock bands display the vivid acts of sexual
torture and even killing during their live performances (pp.594). That is not the only issue,
Zuniga 2
however, the way sexual brutality is normalized, and along with it, extensive humiliation towards
women is also part of the big problem. The question as to why the display of violence has a
negative impact on the viewers may seem like a rhetorical question because it is clear that
images as such have a very negative impact on society. Gore informs the reader that graphic
violence is particularly harmful for younger audiences due to the fact that, because they are
children, they “lack the moral judgment of adults” (pp.594). Children are like sponges; they
absorb so much of what they see and hear. They especially like to act out what they see even if it
might be the wrong thing to do because chances are they do not completely understand what the
consequences of their actions will be. An example Gore gives us is how one five year old boy
from Boston stabbed a two year old girl with a butcher knife because of what he had previously
witnessed on television (pp.594.). That example goes to show that children do not think before
they act; they simply mimic what they see without going further into thought of what the
outcome or consequences might be.
Going back to freedom of speech, in music, many artists defend their lyrics by calling it

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