An Essay About Telemachus From The Odyssey Only From The Telemachia - Princeton High School - Essay

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Telemachia Essay
Sarah Glenn
October 24, 2018
One must take a journey in order to reach an ultimate destination. Odysseus, a warrior
lost at sea, must return home after fighting in the Trojan War for 20 years to his son, wife, and
home in Ithaca. The maturation of Telemachus was a result of the journey he took in search of
his father, Odysseus, in Homer’s epic poem ​The Odyssey​. Before learning more about his father,
Telemachus must find his true identity. Throughout his entire life, Telemachus was handed
everything he needed. Living in his father's footsteps was a difficult part in growing up, knowing
that he would never meet his standards. He travels to nearby islands with the help of Athena, a
goddess in disguise as Mentes, who was an old friend of Odysseus’, seeking information about
his father. The two characters are welcomed by King Nestor of Pylos and King Menelaus of
Sparta, providing Telemachus with hope of his father allowing him to become brave, wise, and
Bravery is not acquired in a day and is shown when one is truly passionate about an issue.
Telemachus attained the skill later in his life during the period where he was longing for his
father to return home, and could not handle waiting any longer. With the help of Mentes,
Telemachus was urged to take a journey upon the Mediterranean Sea in search of his long lost
father. Mentes had advised Telemachus to travel from island to island speaking to the kings to
attempt to solve the mystery of whether Odysseus was dead or alive. The journey required
Telemachus to leave home and explore the open sea, which was frightening and difficult for him
to take on. “Now, if I hear my father’s alive ...

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