An Essay Explaining The Importance Of Sports For Young Children English A Short Essay

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Andrew March 8, 2017
Why Kids Should Play Organized Sports
Most kids think of sports as fun and games while many others view sports as a
passion to devote time and energy to become the best athlete they can be. Either way,
sports are a very important part of many childhoods. The lessons children learn through
sports are transferable into their daily lives making sports even more important for
children to play. Playing sports should be given a high priority because it helps kids
make lifelong friends, learn about themselves and keeps them healthy and active.
Organized sports allow kids to make lifelong friendships. I have personally made
some great friends through playing sports three to four times a week together. The
shared time and experiencing wins and losses together make for strong bonds. There
are numerous examples of famous athletes who grew up together playing sports who
have remained friends. One example, is Logan Couture and Drew Doughty who grew
up playing hockey on the same team. They have since played many fierce professional
hockey games against each other, but have remained great friends through it all.
Another example, is Klay Thompson and Kevin Love who grew up playing Little League
Baseball together. Today they both play professional basketball on rival top teams, but
they still only have good things to say about each other. A final example is Salvador
Perez and Jose Altuve who both grew up in Venezuela playing baseball together.
Similar to Klay Thompson and Kevin Love they both think that the other is absolutely
amazing based on news articles. All of this proves how when you a play for a team,
your fellow team members become like a brother or sisterhood.
You learn a lot about yourself while playing sports. When kids are involved in
something consistently they learn how much they are capable of and some aspects of
their personality. Many sports...

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