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Another beautiful fall afternoon fell like the leaves on a typical 'blue sky' September. As I rummaged through my backpack for a #2 pencil, I wistfully looked up to see the students converge at the bus stop. The first day of classes always sent an overwhelming sensation through my anxious nerves. The nostalgic breeze blew memories of past academic years that I persevered to be presented with the opportunity that lay before me. As I climbed the steps of the campus bus, a profound revelation struck my determined mind. I looked the bus driver in the eyes and said "At this moment, I realized that regardless of my destination I was never going to let anything compromise my ...view middle of the document...

Can money really compromise education? It can when you don't have it. I felt like an atypical college student. As the final days of the first semester approached, I dejectedly looked at the other girls in my class. Was I the only one not returning? I walked down the halls of the Financial Aid office and with no avail pleaded one last desperate effort. Dissolution to the fact of reality, I realized that there was only one option; quit school and get a full-time job to save money.Although disheartened at first, my optimistic spirit made me realize the 'silver-lining' in this situation. While spending a few years working full-time (while keeping academics second hand through part-time classes) I made an important discovery about myself that is currently shaping my future. Job and life experiences have made me realize that my future career goals and aspirations must be in business. Currently, I am striving to achieve a B.S. degree in Business Administration. Now, much older than the naïve freshman that stood at the bus stop many years ago, wisdom has strengthened my will to educate my mind. Money is only a means to be presented an opportunity for education. Determination is the true measure of a successful education. As I muster the courage to partake full-time classes, the financial crossroads seem more familiar. Ms. Charlotte Newcombe's philanthropic scholarship can provide me with the means to achieve my goal to finally put academics first, and in return accomplish my Business Administration degree. One day, I too will help women make money come second to education.

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