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Illegal Immigration
Presented by: Tawheed Kamgar
Presented to: Ms. Cheema
Class: 6/7G
Date: March 30, 2018
Illegal immigration has been a problematic topic for economically active governments in recent years, and political solutions also vary with the more strict right side, and progressive thinking leftists. Immigration is actually defined as a move to another country for the purpose of getting a job, permanent settlement or both, when hardship strikes in their native country. Illegal immigration though refers to the violation of that countries policies and laws by entering or remaining in the country without legal authorization from the Federal Government (Immigration Laws). This essay will seek to comply on the basis of explaining illegal immigration and discussing the libertarian point of why amnesty should be granted, although to some extent, a right should be given to the government to allow the amnesty accordingly, as well as a fair and moral legalization process where the illegal immigrant enters the back of the line, behind people who have entered legally.
The argument being that there are an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants currently in the United States only, and it is unrealistic, inhumane and selfish to deport all of these individuals from their families and lives in the United States, especially if they are law abiding residents helping the flourishment of the economy. Allowing these immigrants to regularize their status will not only strengthen the national security, but will also stimulate the economy and enhance the nation’s rich, vibrant, and diverse culture. The second part of the argument is that every moral point on illegal immigration is libertarian, other than the fact that complete leftists would prefer an amnesty grant for the whole population of undocumented immigrants, including those feeding on welfare and public government support programs, which adds on to the taxes of legal citizens and is thus an immoral doctrine from the further alt left. Therefore there should be a government plan to check on illegal immigrants’ activity to see whether it’s a burden to the taxpayers and ultimately the government (leading to a rejected grant of legalization), or if they are hard working people that are not reliant on welfare, and abiding of the constitution (the U.S.A specifically), who should be granted amnesty.
Illegal immigration starts with the basic actions of regular immigration, usually caused by fear from their native countries, therefore in panic they take illegal actions for a better life. One of the leading factors is war, which drives migrants to fear and causes them to immigrate illegally. Other factors might include persecution where people illegally immigrate to other countries in fear of being persecuted in their own country. A good example is in the case with the religious leaders. Another factor which might lead to illegal immigration is the case with poverty. You find that most people usually migrate...


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