An Essay On Love And The Concept Of Love Havelock High School English 3 Essay

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Susan Hester Comment by EDNA DONALDSON: You are a natural Philosopher! Consider it as a profession.
February 5, 2018
1st period
What is the one emotion that has everyone mystified?Love.What is love to you? Do you love your family, your friends? What about school, yeah I know not many people love school do they?Well I can’t describe love in words but I know love when I feel it. When I hug someone in my family I feel a warmth in my heart. Love means something special to each and every person, everyone has a different definition of love.Yours is different than mine because we all feel love in different ways, whether it’s in words that you hear from one another or the sense of affection you feel when you hug or even kiss someone.Just a 20 second hug can help create a bond of affection between each other causing them to become closer.You can feel the love in a hug, when someone comes to you and gives you a hug and their angry when you hug them all their anger goes in you and then it filters out of you because your love melts the anger away.We all need love it’s part of being a human being even people who are wealthy need love because money cannot buy love whatsoever.
Have your parents ever asked you “do you even know what the definition of love is”?Mine have, several times but again love has many definitions.Many people have a hard time finding words to express this intense feeling because everyone’s experience and meaning of it is different.
How many times have you loved someone and then been hurt?Love can be sweet, but love can also be very painful having to let go of someone you love.Love makes us very vulnerable to be hurt, we open our hearts and mind because, we may be looking to be loved so we trust people to easily for the need for love.It’s an intangible desire whether you are deaf, blind or have a disability, we all crave and have a desire for love and to be loved.When you are in love with someone you seem to forget all your problems, that person is your whole world.When you see that person you feel butterflies in your stomach, I know I do.Though it’s not a crime to love, some love kills people.It can drive them insane when they are giving that person their heart but they aren’t receiving the same thing back.Especially when you spill out all your confessions and then get rejected.It hurts and that’s the mistake we all make.Who can blame them, the heart wants what it wants
There are so many different types of love.The love between friends is similar but there are boundaries that are not to be crossed.These boundaries can usually be different with each friendship because the love friends have for each other is unique.Having the love in a friendship is being able to tell them things you wouldn’t want to tell your parents or maybe even your family members.It can mean telling them your most embarrassing secret, or something you did that was wrong that you’ve never told anyone.Love is what holds friendships together, and why we miss them so...

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