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An Essay On Othello's Physiological Journey From Total Self Control To Near Madness And Back

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OTHELLO ESSAYPHYSIOLOGICAL JOURNEY OF OTHELLOIn the Shakespearean tragedy Othello, the character of Othello has certain traits, which make him seem naïve and unsophisticated, compared to other people.The Moor, as many Venetians call him, is of a strong character. He is very proud and in control of every move throughout the play. The control is not only of power, but also of the sense of his being a great warrior. In Act I, Othello has a scuffle with Brabantio, who has come to kill him, but before anything could happen Othello says,"Hold your hands,Both of you of my inclining and the rest.Were it my cue to fight, I should have known it without a prompter"(1, ii, 80-83). The power shown ...view middle of the document...

.. Othello's occupation gone!" (3, iii, 347-355).This shows us how superficial he is because he loves the sights and sounds of war so much that he is starting to get depressed in fear of losing not only his job, but also his whole way of life. A good example of him becoming drowned in jealousy is when he accuses Desdemona of being a whore-"Was this fair paper, this most goodly book, (4, ii, 70-71).Made to write 'whore' upon?""Are you not a strumpet?" (4, ii, 81)."What, not a whore?" (4, ii, 84).This shows that he has really been sucked into Iago's whirlpool of lies and is determined to get justice by killing the innocent Desdemona.By having his ancient, Honest Iago, bring him the news of his wife's bad habits, Othello had no alternative but to believe in Iago's razor sharp intellect. Iago does not just tell him, but he tells him with such an excellent manipulating ability, that it is hard not to believe him. He is such a motiveless malignant person and is so amoral, that he does not care about anyone's feelings that he hurts to achieve his goal. He uses Roderigo as a scapegoat to such an extent that he uses him to do all the dirty work to the point of his own death because of threatening and irritating Iago. Iago sees an opportunity to get rid of him and Cassio, both at the same time, and makes good uses of it by wiping out Roderigo. His razor sharp intellect and his acute sense of strategy are the key for his success. He never has second thoughts about doing something as he has the willingness to take decisive action immediately. Among his other salient features include his acerbic wit towards cruel 'put downs' of Emilia.Though he does not reflect too much on his past, except occasional ventures of wars fought, he does let his emotions run his life. The control over any situation is one of...

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