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An Event That Changed My Life

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In life, I have lost several valuable things and have been unhappy at times. However, nothing can be compared with the sorrow that I came through when I knew that my grandfather, the person I love most in the world, passed away.As I can still remember very clearly, it was a September morning in my first year in university that received a telegram. I opened it and read the sad news: my grandfather had died the previous day. I was totally shocked and even could not believe my eyes anymore. My whole body shivered "How can that be the truth. Someone must have teased me" I thought. I tried to calm down, ...view middle of the document...

A feeling of powerlessness spread out inside my body. Suddenly, all my memories poured out in my mind as if they were happening before my very eyes. I recalled learning the first English lesson with him and the good times we had gone swimming together. I considered him a great friend whom I could tell all my secrets and share all my innermost emotion with. My grandfather also showed great affection for me. He would buy me anything that I asked for. Now, could it be that I would never see him again. At that moment, I realized acutely that he was a precious treasure. It was enormously painful to think that I lost one person who understood, comforted, brought so much joy to me and more importantly, had the greatest influence on my mentality. His death changed my entire life. When had gone away, I felt extremely regretful not only because I had lost a bosom friend but also because I had never before told him how much I loved him and how meaningful he was to me. Therefore, since his death, I have taken greater care of my close relatives, especially my family and have tried to express my affection towards them so that never again I will have to regret.As time passes, it with ease my grief and the wound of losing him in my heart will gradually be healed. However, from the bottom of my heart. I know that forever the scar will stay and leave a hole in soul because "to the world, he is only one person, but to me, he is the world".

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