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In life, I have lost several valuable things and have been unhappy at times. However, nothing can be compared with the sorrow that I came through when I knew that my grandfather, the person I love most in the world, passed away.As I can still remember very clearly, it was a September morning in my first year in university that received a telegram. I opened it and read the sad news: my grandfather had died the previous day. I was totally shocked and even could not believe my eyes anymore. My whole body shivered "How can that be the truth. Someone must have teased me" I thought. I tried to calm do ...view middle of the document...

A feeling of powerlessness spread out inside my body. Suddenly, all my memories poured out in my mind as if they were happening before my very eyes. I recalled learning the first English lesson with him and the good times we had gone swimming together. I considered him a great friend whom I could tell all my secrets and share all my innermost emotion with. My grandfather also showed great affection for me. He would buy me anything that I asked for. Now, could it be that I would never see him again. At that moment, I realized acutely that he was a precious treasure. It was enormously painful to think that I lost one person who understood, comforted, brought so much joy to me and more importantly, had the greatest influence on my mentality. His death changed my entire life. When had gone away, I felt extremely regretful not only because I had lost a bosom friend but also because I had never before told him how much I loved him and how meaningful he was to me. Therefore, since his death, I have taken greater care of my close relatives, especially my family and have tried to express my affection towards them so that never again I will have to regret.As time passes, it with ease my grief and the wound of losing him in my heart will gradually be healed. However, from the bottom of my heart. I know that forever the scar will stay and leave a hole in soul because "to the world, he is only one person, but to me, he is the world".


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1081 words - 5 pages special education teacher.I go back faithfully to the place that changed my life. The first Saturday of every spring break I make that three-hour drive and arrive late to the counselor orientation. It's a small-relaxed atmosphere as the newest counselors learn the ropes and what to expect the next day as they start to arrive. I anxiously anticipate the arrival of the retreaters for the week as I look over the list of people signed up to come I

My Precious Life : A Life Changing Event - English 1301 - Narrative essay

907 words - 4 pages Precious Life Life itself is a beautiful thing to experience. Being able to wake up to the first rays of sunshine through my window in my warm silken bed sheet is a privilege of life. However, death is also a lurking plague that surrounds us, ready to snatch away our most precious possession. I experienced a tragic car accident that changed my perspective of life. As we grow up we undergo many lessons that leave a long-lasting impression for the

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414 words - 2 pages for about a month and once he got out he wasn't the same as he was before. Now he can not be home alone. Our family had to make changes for him, my mom started working from home and Taya and I take turns staying home to take care of him. This changed me because for a 13-year-old I had to do things that adults would do. I think being mature for my age will help me in the future. The events that have happened to me throughout my life have shaped me

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1161 words - 5 pages different ways and choose the one that looks right. I am happy this is my learning style, because on-line classes are almost exclusively visual. From the temperament sorter exercise, I learned I was a guardian protector. I have always been goal-oriented and have usually known what I want out of life. I also want to fit in with a group. I feel that I have accomplished this with these classes so far. We all want to improve our lives, and hopefully our

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1712 words - 7 pages your daily life as it questions whether you're the one actually making the decisions or are you being controlled by innate or external forces or conditions. For me, this question was first raised, not when I entered college, but when I was in high school. I started making decisions at a certain time in my life that felt right but also felt forced as if I was not truly the one making Samuels 2 the decisions. These decisions were based on course

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1125 words - 5 pages legendary crowd during the holiday season but that was to no avail as it took me nearly 2 hours to come out. As soon as I got out the exit gate, I spotted my friends near the Starbucks ordering some coffee and I rushed over to join them. Arnav spotted my first and mockingly said “I thought you missed your flight ‘cause you were supposed to be outside over an hour ago!”. Rob hugged me tightly and exclaimed “Missed ya lots mate!”. After grabbing some

The first Christians proclaimed that the crucified Jesus was raised to life and exalted into the realm of God, a metahistorical event. Thus the risen Lord is the resurrection and the life

553 words - 3 pages The first Christians proclaimed that the crucified Jesus was raised to life and exalted into the realm of God. For them, this equals salvation. This affirms both the beliefs that Jesus lives on in the faith of the community as well as God acting in behalf of Jesus thus He is alive. Furthermore, they believed that His resurrection is not a return to life in this world but it is rather a passage into another world, an assumption into the sphere of

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1477 words - 6 pages measures to reduce the risk of infection. I do my utmost to help keep a clean environment and encourage a healthy diet for my patients. The State Board of Nursing enforces state laws governing nursing to protect the publics health. (Kentucky, 2019) The American Nurses Association is an organization that offers resources to nurses across the country and provides a support system. (Editors N. W., 2019) The State Board influences my practice by

"What's Eating Gilbert Grape Is An Entertaining Film That Teaches The Audience About Life." Discuss

850 words - 4 pages "What's eating Gilbert Grape is an entertaining film that teaches the audience about life." Discuss.Gilbert is a confused, naïve, but good-hearted young man who is doing his best at being the "Man of the House" in a family where there is no father, his younger brother is mentally impaired and his mother is dangerously obese. Both Gilberts sisters are faced with the responsibility of the families' survival, as is Gilbert. The story is set in

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1275 words - 6 pages my days of education had come to cessation. From a young age I started working; I almost always had a part time job alongside school and college but making the jump from part time bar work to a full time admin post was daunting. My first full time position was at Ayr Hospital as a clerical officer- an administration job that turned out to be life changing. Having a job within the NHS meant I could apply for other positions within the industry

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643 words - 3 pages better. Life has just begun, It starts when you realize that life would never be easy and in order to be happy, you have to work for it, find this things that make life enjoyable and makes life feel effortless. Working to be happy will set an example to everyone else that this is what needs to be done, no one can just do nothing all day and have life be everything they wanted. Even if you do work hard to be happy and an event or situation takes place and throws off all the good you’ve worked hard for, that is no reason to simply give up, be my own cheerleader, pick yourself up and tell yourself everything is going to be fine and never give up on yourself.

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431 words - 2 pages hospital, but more bad news came as I was pushed back in line due to the doctors treating the more serious injury first. The ordeal finally came to an end. After waiting for 3 hours my wounds were treated. I had a total of 18 stitches to my cut. I was told that if my cut had been a few millimetres closer to my right eye, my right eye could have been blind. This event illustrated that life is unpredictable and accidents can strike out of the blue. Like a sea current that is unpredictable, it can changed any minute.

Critical Review of The Meanings of Lesbian and Gay Pride Day - Research - Review

1745 words - 7 pages , from two viewpoints – resistance of political stances and a heterosexist society through consumption of such events, and the resistance of consumption within such events. SUMMARY: My interpretation of this journal article is that is aims to highlight the various ideologies of consumption at gay pride festivals, specifically the Lesiban and Gay Pride Day (LGPD) event held in Toronto, (but others are also cited). A brief history of LGBT pride

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645 words - 3 pages strong, compassionate, and charismatic young adult who understood and sympathized with the needs of others.  Yes, my life changed—truly for the better.   I believe that everything happens for a reason, as cheesy as that may sound. If it were not for cancer, I would not be the best version of myself. It has provided a new sense of meaning and richness to my art and deepened my desire to use it to express myself as both an artist and as an aspiring


547 words - 3 pages Free making money, it's about pride, and that is what many people in this day and age lack. The Olympics were meant for entertainment, and now they are meant for entertainment and pride, it really hasn't changed in the past few thousands years, it has added onto its great and wellness. The Olympics are something that will be looked upon for many generations to come and will only get better. That is my reasoning in why I say that the Olympics now are