An Example Of Question 2 In Aqa Language 2 Bishop Essay

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An example for question 2 in AQA Language Paper 2
Eddie is a typical modern teenager who is mischievous and talks to his father in a 'mocking voice' emphasising their close relationship and good humour they share. Henry however is distant and more formal with his father addressing him in a respectful tone, 'my dear Father' emphasising the difference in status between them.
From Source A we can see that Eddie is very care-free and this may be due to how Rayner treats Eddie. On the other hand, in my opinion, Henry has a more strict and disciplining father. This may contribute widely to how Henry behaves and we can see how formal he is while writing to his father. This also shows the distance in their relationship. "I hope, my dear Father, you will not let Mr. Smith know anything about it for he would flog me if he knew it." Here we can see how formal and careful Henry is with his tone and it is as if he boundaries when he is writing to his father.
Eddie was a child who attended school on 2013 whereas Henry was a child who attended school in 1822. This where their differences mainly stem from as there is a...

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