An Informative Historical Research Essay On The Lon Chaney Classic "The Wolf Man"

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The "Wolf Man" Cometh.A Retrospective by Daniel NobleThe Universal monster films of the late 1930s and early 1940s, were quite a unique phenomenon. Although popular with audiences upon their initial release, they did not reach the height of their commercial appeal until the 1950s, when they reappeared on late night television, and spawned a completely new generation of fandom. Children of the 1950s and 60s, went "monster crazy", and along with screenings of "Frankenstein", "The Wolf Man" and "Dracula" on TV, came publications such as Famous Monsters of Filmland and Eerie not to mention countless others. It was thanks to the immense revisiting of these films, that we can attribute the popular interpretation of the reception of these works. To many, the names Karloff, Lugosi and Chaney are synonymous with classic horror, but in the years prior to the arrival of television, which many classify as the "golden age" of Hollywood, the genre of "Monster Horror" was not yet refined, and it is fascinating to study the effects these films had on society upon their original release. Using the 1941 classic "The Wolf Man" as an example, I will examine the varying factors which led to the film's initial success, and how they have attributed to the mythology of Universal "Horror" as it is interpreted today.It is not uncommon to associate the name Lon Chaney jr. with the horror films of the 1940s. During his contract with Universal in the 1940s, Mr. Chaney was the only actor to portray all of Universal's core assembly of monsters, including "The Wolf Man", "Dracula", "Frankenstein" and "The Mummy", becoming a legend in the process. Yet, prior to 1941, Mr. Chaney was merely a struggling actor living in the shadow of his late father's legacy. According to the official website of the Chaney family, the original press book for "The Wolf Man", included references to the senior Lon Chaney, whose son was clearly being groomed for stardom in his own image. This press book stated "A potential star is uncovered in the person of Lon Chaney, whose father, the late Lon Chaney, Sr. appeared in "The Phantom of the Opera"...and other early horror successes at the same studio"1. To understand the importance of the above statement, one must first be able to comprehend the scope of the popularity of the original Lon Chaney. Deemed the "Man of a Thousand Faces", Chaney, Sr., was one of the most celebrated actors of his era, noted for his ability to transform himself with the aid of self-applied makeup. Naturally this gift for transformation came into good use when starring in such classic silent Horror films as "Phantom of the Opera", "The Monster", and "The Hunchback of Notre Dame".Lon Chaney Sr. died in 1930, at the height of his popularity, leaving the film world without its most lauded master of screen horror, and the studio without one of their major sources of revenue. A decade later when "The Wolf Man" began production, it must have came as little surprise, at least to th...


Assignment On The Gray Wolf:

1564 words - 7 pages characteristics, reproduction, food habit, and behavior of the gray wolf, but are worded out differently. Having a glimpse at both texts there is a major difference in language and structure. In "Canis Lupus," Julia Smith talks about the gray wolf in general, mentioning their physical appearance, lifestyle, and how they have an affect on humans. Also, her article has an outline format which makes it easier for the reader to track the desired section. Smith

How has wolf reintroduction affected the yellowstone environment - Villa Rica High School/ American Lit - research essay

1896 words - 8 pages population was an estimated 104 wolves in 11 packs. Many scientists debated wolf reintroduction, questioning the upside. There was a large handful that felt wolves would primarily feed on livestock, and also worried about their effect on a historically low elk population. That being said, scientists took a calculated risk in their decision to bring back many park goers favorite predator. Despite having a bad reputation, the reintroduction of gray

Critique On Classic Movie "Do The Right Thing"

851 words - 4 pages . Sal is a white Italian American male that owns the only pizzeria in the black neighborhood and has two sons Vino and Pino. The two sons are an allusion to Kane and Abel where two brothers hate each other and eventually Kane kills Abel. Sal is played by Danny Aielo a name that appears first in the credits that could outline his significance. Sal is the most plot driven and the most plot directing character in the film, his actions influence the

Informative text on the context of Romanticism - Ryde Secondary - Informative Essay

1272 words - 6 pages 1 Victoria Vu / 11ENA03 Writing Portfolio Task 1: Romanticism Informative Essay Task: Compose an informative text about Romanticism. This must be 500-800 words and may include history, conventions and purpose of the literary movement. Romanticism was the dominant artistic, literary and intellectual movement during the late 17th century to the mid 19th century and is known as the reaction against the Age of Enlightenment. This movement was a

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1443 words - 6 pages were confusion and memory loss. After her death he performed a neurological autopsy on the brain. Using a new staining technique, the doctor noticed an abnormal disorganization of the nerve cells in the patient’s cerebral cortex (Khachaturian and Radebaugh, 1997, p24). The cerebral cortex is part of the brain responsible for information processing and memory (Li et al, 2018, p. 2). He described the abnormality as bunched up like a rope tied in

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625 words - 3 pages responsibility to fight the serpent, “for the time was fast approaching” (Marcus, Giggie, Burner 234). August 21, 1861, proved to be a day of sorrow, pain, and a day where many lessons were learned. Nat Turner was born on October 2, 1800, on Benjamin Turner plantation in Southampton County, Virginia. Nat Turner was brilliant and imaginative even from early childhood. Since Benjamin allowed Nat Turner to learn how to read and write At times he was overheard

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1025 words - 5 pages . Since there are gangs all throughout Central America, they decide to come to the United States for a better opportunity. The purpose of this essay is to increase awareness on the role gangs play in immigration. The following includes personal accounts from three immigrants from El Salvador that have experienced gang violence first hand. Mercedes Garcia came to the U.S. in 1990 when she was 25 years old. She fled El Salvador because of the civil

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506 words - 3 pages DBQ on The Great DepressionIn the 1920's many people prosper and become rich. More and more people had invested in the stock market on credit. Many people had thought this would never end yet it ends in 1929. In this essay there will be what the people did in the Great Depression, what Roosevelt did to help them, if the New Deal help or not, and the long term effect of the Great Depression and the New Deal on the United States.Firstly, when the

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4373 words - 18 pages or lessens any stability that a woman might have on her own when leaving the marital home. When a woman leaves an abusive marriage, she has to come to terms with the fact that this man will, at best, not support her, and at worst make it very hard for her to live a stable life while supporting herself. Women who leave abusive marriages may also find themselves in a position where their families do not wish to participate in any hunt and chase

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541 words - 3 pages as the marlin. However, the shovel-nosed sharks which are hateful and killers, are only worthy to feed on the marlin after it has been ruined and disfigured. This comes to show how magnificent the marlin was while intact, that only the noblest shark was worthy enough to feed on it.Santiago's story implies an interesting relationship between man and nature. Santiago's ordeal is a perfect example of man struggling against nature for survival

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1942 words - 8 pages the book Levi has only commented on the lives people have lived in the camps, so this phrase, and the emphatic placing of it at the end of the chapter, shows that Levi is making a judgement on Henri. This could indicate how he considers Henri as being an abysmal person for the way that he found his path to salvation. [15: Levi, Primo. If This is a Man and The Truce, trans. Stuart Woolf (Abacus: London, 1987) p110.] [16: p.110] [17: p.110] [18

The Man The Myth

426 words - 2 pages chloride was dissolving in the water. As a result, -2,636 Joules of heat was released from the chemical reaction with water and NaCl. The reaction was an Exothermic Process, because heat was released into the surroundings. The system in this reaction was the NaCl dissolving, and the surrounding being the water.

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1501 words - 7 pages her brother's achievements.Allow me to start by saying that in every essay she submits to me she relies on ideas unrelated to structure, relevance to the question, or historical fact while writing in a very immature manner. The essay she wrote in today's mid-term exam is a clear example of this, and I wish to use it to offer you clear examples which a report card would not allow.I offered students three questions of which they could choose one

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1063 words - 5 pages . (STUDY GUIDE – REFERENCIING????) In order to fully illustrate the HDI, this essay will look at the HDI ranking for South Africa in 2011 and again in 2015, and thus compare the scores, and discuss the changes based on the elements that the HDI is measured by. Scores and Comparison The HDI ranking for South Africa was 123 (with a score of 0.619) in 2011, and 155 (with a score of 0.666) in 2015. Health In 2011 the United Nations Human Development Report

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1273 words - 6 pages  GDP  and  an   average  inflation  rate  of  3.07%.   Investing  in  Lebanon:     Lebanon  has  one  of  the  most  sophisticated  banking  sectors  in  the  region.    The  Lebanese   Central  Bank  –  the  Banque  du  Liban  (BdL)  regulates  all  financial  institutions  and  money   exchange  houses.    In  November  2015,  Lebanon  passed  Law  No.  44  on  Fighting  Money   Laundering  and  Terrorist  Financing  (amending  Law  No.  318