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He was a powerful orator of his time and a champion of the "forgotten men" that radiated optimism that the country needed especially during the Depression period and World War II. In this biography, FDR as they called Franklin Delano Roosevelt as for he was known to alphabetize all his ideas and agencies later on during his presidency, held a portraiture that was full of subtlety and charm. And moreover he had an enigmatic personality in which Francis Perkins, his secretary of labor had said that "he was the most complicated human being" she had ever known. A man who loved frequent poker games, spending time in his study, working on his stamp collection or on his delicate scale models ...view middle of the document...

With much persistence from seventh-string football squad he jumped to second and at his graduation from Gorton he learned that he had won the Latin prize, this showed much dedication for years to come.Then he enrolled in Harvard College and moved into a two room apartment with much prestige eating in an exclusive private dining hall reserved for Groton graduates only. He signed up for the Crimson, which was an undergraduate daily newspaper and with much competition and dedication he became the chief editor his graduate year. He majored in history and government, with English and public speaking as minors. He also engaged in prominent socials having membership in one of the most exclusive club "Dickey" a secret fraternity. Roosevelt's triumph during his college years and one that he treasured was the Crimson.He sided the Democratic Party, became governor of New York twice and was inaugurated President of the United States on March 4, 1933. He had strong Republican opposition. President Hoover, the 31st president and the face of the Great Depression, was Roosevelt's opposition in the presidential election of 1932 who he won over by more than 7 million votes and carried 42 out of the 48 states. In his campaign he had said " This is more than a political campaign; it's a call to arms. Give me your help, not to win votes alone, but to win in this crusade to restore America in it's greatness." The "New Deal" slogan was the ease of the national audience, which meant that something would be done to achieve some change under his administration unlike Hoover's. He broughtforth agencies of all kinds such as the AAA (Agricultural Adjustment Administration) as well as the NRA (National Recovery Administration) and many others that help with the employment and was a distraction from the Depression. His reforms were to bring out an end for people suffering from poverty and neglect. He also proposed and passed the Social Security Act providing unemployment insurance and pension for the aged and disabled. Many opponents critiqued him of turning the country into welfare state. Yet at this time, 1936, many of new jobs had been created, the industrial production was increasing and cooperate production was the highest since 7 years ago. In his reelection of 1936 his new Republican opponent was Alfred M. Landon who called FDR the cause of the nation's deficit spending conditions. Once more showing his popularity with the nation he defeated Landon brutally with 11 million votes this time carrying 46 states out of 48. Later the Supreme Court also became his struggle with much opposition against his New Deal legislations. Due to his decision in attacking the justices of the Supreme Court because he wanted to implement his own justices much of his New Deal policies were denied. Later strikes, lockout and battles up roared the nation after companies did not let workers join their right to union, an act that Roosevelt implemented as the Wagner Act. After awhile, the "...


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462 words - 2 pages ) good they are not always beautiful (outwardly); but on the inside they may be very pretty. And the same the other way around, a person could be very beautiful (outwardly), yet they act very ugly showing that inside they are immoral or devious.I compare this to Georges Seurats painting "A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte". From a distance you see this unique painting of people enjoying an ideal day in the park. There are children

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1514 words - 7 pages the eagles Watch as we all fly away And they're watching us They're watching us As we all fly away And they're watching us They're watching us As we all fly away And they're watching us They're watching us As we all fly away Mariah Carey “Hero” There's a hero If you look inside your heart You don't have to be afraid Of what you are There's an answer If you reach into your soul And the sorrow that you know Will melt away And then a hero comes along