"An Inspector Calls" By J. B. Priestley

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Act 1, pages 13-14Inspector's first interview, with Mr. Birling, in presence of Eric and GeraldWhat the act is about:Birling family and Gerald Croft are having a dinner to celebrate Sheila Birling's and Gerald Croft's future marriage, when all of a sudden an Inspector calls and announces about a suicide which took place a few hours before. He questions Arthur Birling and his daughter Sheila and it turns out that they both knew the dead girl and somehow contributed to her death. Inspector then shows the photograph to Gerald and the impressions on his face give away the fact that he knew the girl. Sheila talks to him while they are along in the room and finds out that the dead girl - Eva Sm ...view middle of the document...

- Birling then says that he recognizes her to be one of the employees whom he had discharged, and Eric gets into the conversation and asks whether that was a reason for suicide. Such behavior is proof of his youth and how naive he is.- Birling tells him to be quite, as if he was trying to show his power. As it is said further in the play, Eric never sees him as a father who could give an advice; he is not close with him: 'You're not the kind of chap a man could turn to when he's in trouble'. He is very ignorant of his responsibility to society. Earlier in the play he proves his lack of intelligence and political awareness: ' Everything to lose and nothing to gain"- Then Gerald interrupts, suggesting that he should leave. This is an evidence of his education, intelligence - he understands that there are some private things being opened up which Birling might not want him to know, and as he doesn't want to make him feel uncomfortable ( He knows that his mother doesn't really support his relationship with Birling's daughter )- Birling, trying to make Gerald think that he is tough and strong, or maybe trying to connect Gerald to the family, says that he can stay. He then accentuates Inspector's attention on the fact that Gerald is the son of the owner of Crofts United, and this is another evidence of his short-mind. It becomes clear that he only welcomes Croft into the family as he represents a business link between his firm and that of Gerald's father. He somehow tries to threaten the Inspector by mentioning that Croft is soon going to become a part of their family.- The manner of Birling's speech reminds a typical upper class stereotype. His lack of being able to comprehend future makes it clear for the reader what a Fool he ...


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840 words - 4 pages A play written in 1944 but deliberately set in 1912, ‘An Inspector Calls’ by J.B.Priestley utilises the character of Sheila Birling to convey the youth’s ability to change. Through the opening stage direction, Priestly describes the engagement between Sheila and Gerald, focusing on a ‘lighting (…) pink and intimate’. The fact Priestley employs the adjectives ‘pink and intimate’ alludes to the romantic relationship between Sheila and Gerald. The

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1936 words - 8 pages 2 6 Context Booklet An Inspector Calls Miss Chandler, 10B/EN1 Includes information on the following: · Page 1 -- Events between 1912-1945 · Page 2 -- J.B. Priestley · Page 3 -- Life in the Edwardian Era · Page 4 -- Socialism vs Capitalism By Tavish.G 1912 – 1945 15th April 1912 – Titanic sinks (1503 dead) 28th June 1914 – Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated (Start of WW1) 7th May 1915 – Lusitania is sunk by a German submarine (1200 dead) 25th

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2228 words - 9 pages who already had omniscience about Eva’s death. The supernatural side of the Inspector is shown frequently throughout the play, for example when he terrifies the Birlings, telling them that Eva was going to “make (them) pay a heavier price still”,(Pg 56) even though she is dead. Mr and Mrs Birling wear very stubborn, powerful masks in An Inspector Calls. They are represented by Priestley as the high social class power couple continuously, whether

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738 words - 3 pages portrayed by the girls, mainly Icara and Cubby. The author chose to do this, so that the reader would be even more intrigued by the storyline, so that it would further stand out, and that way the readers opinions on what should be in a mystery novel could possibly change. In “An Inspector Calls”, the inspector seems to be an atypical detective. Inspector Goole seems to already know about all the events the lead up to Eva Smith/Daisy Renton’s death

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1268 words - 6 pages Fiona Maingi ASSINGNMENT 1 IDENTITY AND SOCIETY SOCL.1014A In todays world a lot of decisions that we tend to make in our everyday lives are vastly influenced by the society we live in. The focal point of discussion in my essay will be about two very significant concepts, “structure and agency” and in particular how the structure concept had an immense impact on the life of “Inspector Makaye” who was working for The South African police Service

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288 words - 2 pages Andy Heyward graduated from UCLA in 1975, and then joined Hanna-Barbera as writer and story editor. In 1980, Heyward Joined DIC Audiovisual and moved to France, where he developed "Inspector Gadget." In 1982 he returned to Los Angeles to produce cartoons for the American market. Heyward also spearheaded two conferences involving representatives from the National PTA, National Education Association, UCLA, Stanford, and Broadcasters. He

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460 words - 2 pages ) did chief U.N. inspector Hans Blix announce that some materials "from several sources" have become availableThere is no identifiable connection between Al-Qaeda and Saddam HusseinIf Saddam were to possess weapons of mass destruction, a war on Iraq might make him more, not less, likely to use them in desperation in the twilight of a dying regime - a conclusion of Can Saddam Be Contained? History Says Yes, by John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M

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2068 words - 9 pages the writer in the depicted society. The play "The Real Inspector Hound" by Tom Stoppard, the film "And Then There Were None" based on the novel by Agatha Christie, and Michael Connelly's novel "Bloodwork", all have intriguing and stimulating plot, story and dialogue, but one of the main purposes for these writers creating their text is to actually express their views, concepts and ideas.Tom Stoppard's play "The Real Inspector Hound" is an example

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3054 words - 13 pages , congressional Reconstruction came to an  end  .  3. After Grant decided NOT to run for a third term; the Republicans chose the governor  of Ohio, Rutherford B. Hayes, as their candidate. Opposing him on the Democrat  side, was Samuel J. Tilden of New York.  4. Tilden won the popular vote as expected, but fell one short of the number of  electoral votes needed to win, and 20 of them were disputed.  5. Hence, for the first time in history, the

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1812 words - 8 pages your customers because the majorities do not like to respond by mail. As we can see by how much from the initial surveys received 3 months ago, which we experience a decrease in quality calls. Another quality management tool or way that could be used to measure the feedback process is by emailing surveys, and call the ones without an email address at their homes or offices. Sending surveys over the internet is a process used in management, in

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1129 words - 5 pages Ben Gresla Midterm Question 1 How does R. J. B. Bosworth represent Italian fascism? Provide a short definition of fascism (a couple of sentences) that you think Bosworth would agree with. Can you see some parallels between the representation of fascism in Bosworth’s article and the impression of fascism we gain from Bertolucci’s film The Conformist? What specific scenes in The Conformist align with Bosworth’s analysis? Where do you see

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2939 words - 12 pages United States had underestimated Castro’s popularity among the people of Cuba and as a result, the invasion did not receive the popular support that it needed. There were also a number of problems at the organisational level of the operation i.e. on the U.S. government’s side. A report was created in November 1961, by a team led by the CIA’s Inspector-General, Lyman B. Kirkpatrick titled ​‘Survey of the Cuban Operation’​ (Kornbluh, 1998). The report

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3316 words - 14 pages system to the disadvantage of the weaker party.The courts in Australia eventually allowed fairness and equity to be incorporated into contract as this notion and re-development of ?good faith? has being seen in recent courts decisions. An Example of this is the statement made by Priestley J. suggesting ?the community expects standards of fairness in contract that are wholly consistent with the existence in all contracts of a duty upon the parties

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855 words - 4 pages also set off an alert that the phones encryption has been turned off. With the encryption turned off on the phone it allows the user of the cell tower to read the phones text messages. [1: Newsweek] If a phone connects to a fake tower, who ever operates the tower can listen to the phone calls and intercpet the text messages while sending out fake messages also while in the towers range. The tower also has the ablitly to use the cell signel to

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3475 words - 14 pages may have been an abrupt increase in fatalities of citizens by officers and vice versa consistent with de-policing. Over the last 3 years, “the findings indicated that police killings did not experience significant increases or decreases in the 16 months following the shooting of Michael Brown” (Campbell, B., Nix, J., & Maguire, E., 2018, p. 15). A reason for this neutral impact can be concluded from de-policing and a defiance towards police