An Intervention Into The Novel "Making The Most Of It"

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Nina Hallet's Ultimate ComebackNina looked up around the arena. Amongst the crowd she saw her parents and her three best friends; Alice, Nicholas and Jake. They were all cheering for her; holding banners and waving their arms in the air. Three years after working for sAssy, Nina took another chance at swimming. This was it...Nina's chance to show off her skills...this was the extreme comeback. This time she wasn't going for Gold or Silver, just a chance to be recognised again. Nina jumped into the water, looked at her target and got into her position. "... Jake... Dad... the crowd... Block them all out, the only thing standing between me and the finish line is the water." She looked across to see who was in lane number four; a fift ...view middle of the document...

At least four more strides and Nina's race would be over. Three Two... Nina stopped. She touched the wall and heard the timer beep. She took off her goggles, waved to the crowd and looked over at the board. Her old record was still there, no one had been able to beat it but still... she hadn't come first.My Ultimate ComebackBy Nina HalletAt one stage in my life, my ultimate dream was to swim very, very fast and to be the number one athlete in the world. I found myself struggling between schoolwork, family life and the desire to satisfy myself and the nation alone. Determination to succeed was what kept me going. Determination is what keeps everyone going however, it may make or break not only that person but everyone close to them too. My desire to win turned my life upside down and soon after, my dream became my ultimate nightmare.Just this year, I competed in the Olympics. Along with my knowledge of swimming, I brought with me the lessons I had learnt from my past experiences into lane number three. This was the first time in four years that I had stepped into the water for a world-wide competition. I was swimming the 100 metre backstroke finals and next to me in lane number four was the youngest but most determined girl in the pool; True. She reminded me of when I was her to the sport but still skilled and competitive. True dominated the pool with her powerful strokes and kicks, leaving me in fourth place. When I hopped out of the pool, I went in the other direction to where the winner stood, where True was wearing her Gold medal with pride. I glanced at the cameras, at the medal and at True and now I can say that fourth place isn't "third of the losers," all that is needed to be said is; Nina Hallet is back.


An Investigation Into The Language Of Men And Women

1657 words - 7 pages Free Through years men and women are considered to be people from different planets. They behave differently; have different habits, world's perceptions and ways of communication. Gender distinction plays, probably, the most significant role in the way of thinking of an individual - men's way of thinking greatly differs from women's. Therefore, since language performance is a purposeful reflection of one's power of apprehension, the manner of speech

An Essay Regarding An Aspect Of Jim's Metamorphosis (The Character Of J.G. Ballard's Novel Empire Of The Sun)

440 words - 2 pages "As defined by the board of studies, inner journey relates to journey of the mind and spirit." This particular aspect of journey deals with the exploration of the self in terms of growth, development, and inspirational experiences. J.G. Ballard conveys that the protagonist of the novel "empire of the sun" embarks upon a inner journey of maturity.The novel, opening from the eve of the Japanese attack on pearl harbour on December 7th, 1941

An analysis of Chinua Achebe's silencing of women in the novel Things Fall Apart - English - Essay

1033 words - 5 pages the one to look after the boy - and not Okonkwo - she was not permitted to have a say in the situation. Her husband also makes her position in society - far below him - very clear by using it as the justification of him telling her to stay quiet. Like so, Achebe showcases the silencing of women by making of of the main female characters be ultimately silenced and undermined. Moreover, the author uses the setting of traditional ceremonies, such as

An Investigation Into How The Concentration Of Substrate Will Affect The Rate Of An Enzyme Controlled Reaction

4049 words - 17 pages case it gets into the eyes. I will also be careful when handling the equipment, as there is a lot of glass equipment used in this experiment.PlanApparatus100ml gas syringeTrapBoiling TubeBung to fit Boiling TubeStopclock50cm 5% yeast solution247cm hydrogen peroxide solution(including pilot tests)Boiling Tube Rack2 10cm Syringes2 20cm plastic beakers100ml measuring cylinder237cm distilled water(including pilot tests)Method1. Set up the apparatus as

Trace How Sparta Developed Into The Most Militarily Effective State In Greece (800- 550BC)

2034 words - 9 pages society, so it began to look outwards for means to support its population economically. The city of Sparta itself was based on four villages located on the Laconian plain around the Eurotas river, and the town of Amyclae was later added to the city. So the Spartan poleis began to take shape across the laconian plain as many smaller villages were incorporated into the Spartan population. The first major conquest that Sparta undertook to expand its

Stalingrad: The Battle And How I Believe It Was The MOST Important Battle Of World War II

1569 words - 7 pages Free Stalingrad: The Most Crucial Battle of World War IIWorld War II was the bloodiest war ever fought in the history of the world. Countless men lost their lives and countries were almost obliterated. One could only imagine what would have become of the human race had the Nazi war machine defeated all of Europe and then made its way into America. While Germany was expanding its territory all over Europe, they made it as far as Russia, and a battle

The Most Dangerous Game

332 words - 2 pages The Most Dangouse Game As Rainsford awoke the next day he half expected to wake up in his own bed. Instead he found himself still in the Luxurious mansion.While he tried to figure out how to get back home he fixed himself some breakfast. When he finished it occured to him that the mansion and the island that it rested on were both his! Now he could do anything he wanted with it.Many thoughts went though his head however, with a new outlook on

Sociology is an exploration into the ever-changing structural development of humans - Cape Fear Community College / SOC - 213 - Essay

702 words - 3 pages Smith 2 Smith 2 Jack Smith Casey Errante SOC 213 (I03) 30 January 2019 Defining Families Sociology is an exploration into the ever-changing structural development of humans and the functions or choices they make when interacting with others in society. Families being one of the main studies associated with Sociology, they attempt to understand and bring order and balance to what seems, sometimes to be chaotic and an unsustainable network of

Assess the success of the government intervention programs in the 1930s in the American society - Modern History - Essay

968 words - 4 pages Assess the success of government intervention programs in the 1930s in American society  The government intervention programs in the 1930s were deemed successful in American  society as it resolved the main issues of the Great Depression. The American society  witnessed issues as crime, chaos, anxiety, unemployment, falling wages and incomes, as well  as hunger. During Hoover’s Republican presidency in the year 1929-1932, he not only failed to

Humanties an assignment about the study of humanities and hoe it effects the world - FGC - Assignment

479 words - 2 pages prize goes to “Study for Great American Nude”. This painting was created by artist Tom Wesselmann in 1975. This is one of my favorite nude painting because no only because its oddly nude, but because it so vibrant it has so many warm vibrant colors. It makes you think of modern day in those high school movies that start of with the popular girl waking up in here bed before she gets ready for school. This most unique part of this painting is that

Al Capone         Al Capone Is One Of The Most Famous

962 words - 4 pages when Torrio got out, he gave it all to Capone, and took 30 million dollars with him back to Brooklyn, where he retired. At the age of 26, Al Capone became the leaded of one of the worlds largest crime families. The Capone mob numbered over 1000, most of them cold blooded killers. He was a murderer, pimp, extortionist, and bootlegger, but the public loved him. Capone was seen in the company of movie stars, big business people, and political

In Arthur Miller's All My Sons, Most Of The Characters

1329 words - 6 pages bond with the soldiers. He knew what war was really about and how important every little detail is. He could not believe the idea that his father would be a man to break trust. Throughout the play most of the characters want to protect Chris from knowing the truth. They do not believe that he could have handled knowing it. Finally, after his father tells him the truth, he comes to accept it. He wants his father to accept responsibility for his

The Story Of Martin Luther - History's Most Important Reformer

787 words - 4 pages Pope Leo X. Luther was doing just what his ancestors, the Goths, had done centuries before: challenging the power of Rome. But in the 16th century, Rome was not a simple of Roman Authority, but of Christ and Christianity. Luther's word and actions would change the course of history.In order to finance wars and entice young men to fight, the church began selling "indulgences" around the time of the Crusades. The concept behind an indulgence, a

humanitarian intervention in the 21st century - assignment - research paper

762 words - 4 pages intervention into war zones or in cases of ethnic cleansing. (ICISS, 2001, Weiss, 2004) Central for the principle of the ‘responsibility to protect’ are the responsibilities to prevent, to react and to rebuild.  Libya · R2P allowed them to stop the civil war, other agendas, went and killed gaddaffey = imperialism. · In February 2011, civilians began to undertake political protests demanding an end to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s 41-year reign, wherein

what is an american? the details of what it means - english 10 - essay

642 words - 3 pages American To be an American means to have privileges, rights, and freedom. America isn’t perfect, but it is one of the only countries that have rights given to people of different diversities and gender. America does not have tremendous poverty. Instead we have choices given to us by the people who have fought and died for the American people. Without the patriots who planted the first seed in the ground and help plant the American nation we live