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An Intervention Into The Novel "Making The Most Of It"

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Nina Hallet's Ultimate ComebackNina looked up around the arena. Amongst the crowd she saw her parents and her three best friends; Alice, Nicholas and Jake. They were all cheering for her; holding banners and waving their arms in the air. Three years after working for sAssy, Nina took another chance at swimming. This was it...Nina's chance to show off her skills...this was the extreme comeback. This time she wasn't going for Gold or Silver, just a chance to be recognised again. Nina jumped into the water, looked at her target and got into her position. "... Jake... Dad... the crowd... Block them all out, the only thing standing between me and the finish line is the water." She looked across to see who was in lane number four; a fifteen ...view middle of the document...

At least four more strides and Nina's race would be over. Three Two... Nina stopped. She touched the wall and heard the timer beep. She took off her goggles, waved to the crowd and looked over at the board. Her old record was still there, no one had been able to beat it but still... she hadn't come first.My Ultimate ComebackBy Nina HalletAt one stage in my life, my ultimate dream was to swim very, very fast and to be the number one athlete in the world. I found myself struggling between schoolwork, family life and the desire to satisfy myself and the nation alone. Determination to succeed was what kept me going. Determination is what keeps everyone going however, it may make or break not only that person but everyone close to them too. My desire to win turned my life upside down and soon after, my dream became my ultimate nightmare.Just this year, I competed in the Olympics. Along with my knowledge of swimming, I brought with me the lessons I had learnt from my past experiences into lane number three. This was the first time in four years that I had stepped into the water for a world-wide competition. I was swimming the 100 metre backstroke finals and next to me in lane number four was the youngest but most determined girl in the pool; True. She reminded me of when I was her to the sport but still skilled and competitive. True dominated the pool with her powerful strokes and kicks, leaving me in fourth place. When I hopped out of the pool, I went in the other direction to where the winner stood, where True was wearing her Gold medal with pride. I glanced at the cameras, at the medal and at True and now I can say that fourth place isn't "third of the losers," all that is needed to be said is; Nina Hallet is back.

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