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Introduction to the OrganisationA Catholic College commenced in January 1999, born from the amalgamation of Loyola College (Mt. Druitt), St. Agnes High School (Rooty Hill) and Clare Catholic High School (Hassall Grove), which served the families of the surrounding parishes.The mandate for the College is to provide comprehensive, quality education for young people from the feeder parishes and for other families who have chosen the school for their daughters and sons because of its curriculum offerings, geographical suitability or other affiliations. It is committed to maximizing the educational opportunities for all and to offer a learning environment where the values of the Gospel, Catholic Traditions, Sacramental and Prayer life are central.Staff and students of A Catholic College belong to one unified school, which is richly diverse in its cultures, languages and experiences. Opportunities and structures will be developed during the formative years of the College's life to facilitate and reinforce whole school integration.Representative sporting teams and student interest groups will bring students together from the campuses. There will be combined activities for student leaders from all sites and the Student Representative Council will visit all year groups at various times. Staff should feel a sense of belonging and welcoming in the staff common rooms of all sites and are asked to be particularly aware of the shared responsibility for such hospitality.Systems of staff communication are set up to maximize ease of the liaison across the campuses. The staff social committees are active in arranging and promoting functions and activities, which will enable staff of the campuses to mix and get to know one another better. The unity and cohesion of the College is the joint responsibility of all and it is incumbent on all staff to be open, welcoming and inclusive, with special care and awareness of the needs of new and beginning teachers.The Motto and Crest of A Catholic College contains numerous empowering symbols. The Circle represents the perfection and mystery of God. The Cross-signifies the passion, death and life of Jesus Christ. The Three Waves are the three campuses and their journey of life.The College's name is its motto - A Catholic College. Christ our model, Catholic our values and purpose, College implies the importance of learning, teaching and knowledge.The College believes in the person, model and teachings of Jesus Christ; the universal community and Christian values of Catholic Church and the paramount importance of learning and knowledge in today's world.Strategic Focus of the OrganisationA Catholic College is a tri-campus centre of learning, reflecting the life and mission of Jesus Christ. Inspired by Saint Agnes, Saint Clare and Saint Ignatius Loyola, the community of A Catholic College, seeks to: Stand with one another in the reality of our lives. Recognise and celebrate the dignity and worth of each person. Nurture...

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