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Analysis Argument

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Thanh NguyenDual English 4Hosea13, February 2013Rhetorical AnalysisIn a society that is constantly changing, many students are not going to college after graduating from high school, instead these students are going into the work force without any experiences, creating an issue for our economy. In 2008, Robert T. Perry, wrote an essay which appeared on and then again in a college book, Practical Argument, about "On 'Real Education.'" Perry proposed that the United States "need more, not fewer university and community college graduates." The writer believed that if there were more colleges and universities there would be a wider range of more skilled and smarter workers for the new job opportunities heading this way. This essay is effective through it's method of rhetorical elements that Perry uses to create a ...view middle of the document...

" This technique immediately establishes the essay as formal. Not only that but also that author places bullet points to make his research stand out more clearly. Perry argues that we need more colleges and university in the United States, stating what would happen to the United States if we were to pull out all the students who are wasting their time in college. Not only would it bring out economy down but it would also bring the United States down as a whole of being one of the leading leaders of a high education.In the beginning, Perry establishes ethos by ending his first paragraph with a statistic about how it would interrupt the economy if the United States were to remove students from college. Throughout the essay the author states many statistics allowing the reader to side with his argument. Perry also takes into account the prevalence of postsecondary credential in society. By giving his audience real-life scenarios to ponder, he effectively opens up his argument for consideration. "Dummying down our workforce would result in a lower standard of living for most Americans." Perry takes the reader into a visual imagery about what our economy would turn out to be like. He is stating that in the economy the United Sates is in, we are trying to make it better as much as we can. "We cannot survive in an international economy by simply working cheaper," allowing the reader to realize that the economy is already in a deep hole, we cannot keep digging deeper, we have to get our self out of what we are in now.Furthermore, Perry's draws a distinction between the educated and the uneducated workers. He allows the reader to create an image of the future of the United States in another decade. Knowing that the world in constantly changing, the United States will also have to change, because if we don't, we will no longer be able to catch up with the rest of the world who are achieving their goal in education.

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