Analysis Essay Of "God's Ear" By Jenny Schwartz Drama 101 College Level Essay

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Hearing and Feeling “God’s Ear”
The Studio Art’s production of the play “God’s Ear” is a depiction of a rather unique and perhaps abstractly dramatic script. It is not only an accurate adaption of the play; it presents its own distinct characteristics within the display itself. The presentation has fulfilled the potential of utilising any opportunity in the aspects of modern play to enhance the story the director is willing to exhibit through the script. More importantly without going astray from the originality or essence of the script the director has managed to complement and interpret the play. Whether it be the intended creation of emotion of the script itself or the emphasis of the play, a vivid and fluctuating ambience of emotion is created. The enrichment of the script is initially completed by the use of an appropriate and well suited cast. Followed by the eloquent use of auditory and linguistic devices in order to captivate the audience allowing a connection to the script. The monologues and dialogues that are depicted by the actors are in essence the most influential aspect of the script hence being the center of attention throughout the play. Altogether the play is arranged in a manner to allow the audience the rawest of experiences feeling like a part of the displayed emotion within the set.
The play begins in a vivid fashion, with the primary female character Mel indicating to her husband, Ted, that she will always laugh at his jokes and never think of leaving him. During this scene the volume projected by the actors essentially carries a meaning, as when the two parents are tussling with each other their aggression is presented through their loud and roaring voices allowing a feeling of the chaotic nature of the relationship. However, when they address their daughter or speak of their deceased child their voice softens displaying their sensitivity for their children. Furthermore, in the scene where the constant relationship promises of Mel tend to, accumulate, they begin to sound worn-out and insincere. Her words are spoken and heard by the audience however the null and unmotivated mood and facial expression allow the audience to be aware of the hollow features of her long lasting sentences.
As the lighting of the stage allows the recognition of the properties of the stage, dreadful sounds of a hospital emergency room become evident. This is an initial influence on the mood to make the audience uneasy and understand the incoming chaotic and restless atmosphere of the play. As the audience is fully submerged in though the effective audio the voice of Mel breaks through allowing all attention to be focused on her regardless of the things going around. Here the correct use of auditory skills has proved to be further attention grabbing than the less influential movement on stage. The distressed mother Mel talks to her husband Ted about the hopeless condition of their son: "He's in a coma. He's hooked up to a respirator. He has a pulse....

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