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Analysis Of An E Business

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This project investigates the web based business of a well known Canadian based retailer, The main objective of the Futureshop e-commerce website is to be at an international level of business and to enhance its marketing capabilities. Our team analyzed the website of Futureshop. This company's presence on the web was ...view middle of the document...

Futureshop. By the end of the project we have given our conclusions and recommendations concerning modifications to be introduced in order to improve the e-commerce of Futureshop.In order to achieve our objective the consulting team first looked at the company background and analyzed Futureshop's current value chain activities and the revenue model being used. An examination of the various methods they use in order to market and promote their website was conducted. This was achieved by looking into aspects of market segmentation, web presence, and specific advertising used at Futureshop's webpage. Our team also studied the legal, ethical and cultural issues pertaining to Futureshop. Now for each of these sections of analysis we performed a SWOT analysis in order to characterize our most important findings. By using our SWOT analysis we were able to propose recommendations which are suggested to improve the business.

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