Analysis Of Cheque Fraud

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Cheque Reconciliation Service is a good upgrade to our cheque system because it is meant to provide companies to better manage and secure their outgoing cheques. The implementation of this service will not change our existing infrastructure of the chequeing system. Cheques are still going to be issued, printed and mailed. The security feature it provides will enable us to identify any exceptions when it first occurs, and we have the choice of paying it or not. In addition, the reports it produces include either weekly or monthly paid item and outstanding cheque list in an upload able data format. The accounting team can import the file to the accounting system, ...view middle of the document...

It also makes the bank reconciliation more accurate because it would be easy to import the bank reconciliation into the accounting software.Electronic Funds Transfer is beneficial because it can decrease overall costs of cheque production, delivery and reconciliation. It can also reduce the amount of paperwork that the cheque brings itself, which can reduce theft and increase security. By reducing the paperwork, it can reduce clerical work and errors through automation. Instead of the delay in sending the cheques, electronic funds transfer would provide instant collection and sending of money. On the other hand, this new service will require us to re-vamp the way we send funds (via cheques), which is a major change; new human resource has to be employed to set up the vendor account list and staff must be identified to maintain the list going forward. This service is most beneficial to companies that have high volume of payees and frequent transitions. Since our company is used to the cheque system and is the number of vendors is still manageable, we do not feel the need to change to electronic funds transfer at this point. In the future, if the company further increases its vendors and number of transactions, then this should be re-evaluated again.CIBC Canada. (2008). Avoiding Cheque Fraud. Retrieved March 24th 2008, from CIBC Canada.Website: (2008). Information about Check Fraud: Basic Check Fraud Statistics. Retrieved March 29th, from AP TechnologyWebsite:


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4057 words - 17 pages GLOBAL HEADQUARTERS • THE GREGOR BUiLDinG 716 WEST AvE • AUSTin, TX 78701-2727 • USA hOW tO DEtECt AND PREvENt fINANCIAL StAtEmENt fRAuD General Techniques for Financial Statement Analysis How to Detect and Prevent Financial Statement Fraud 119 VI. GENERAL TECHNIQUES FOR FINANCIAL STATEMENT ANALYSIS Financial Statement Analysis Financial statement analysis is a process that enables readers of a company’s financial reports to develop and answer

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788 words - 4 pages lawsuit against the hospital. Another unethical action related to business that was committed by Frank was cheque fraud. Using cheques that are not given to you to use can result in a lot of money loss for a company because they are not aware of these cheques because they did not authorize them to be used. This is like when frank was using the cheques from Pan Am when pretending to be a pilot. 10. I do not think Frank would have gotten away with his

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3866 words - 16 pages Free : Wills Act 1837] [3: Ho Siu, ”Keeping secrets: a critical analysis of the justifications for the docrine of secret trusts”] [4: Gary Watt, Cases & Materials on Equity & Trusts 10th edn, Oxford [2016]] [5: Stephen James Alan Swann, ”From Law to Faith: Letting Go of Secret Trusts” [1999]] Fraud Prevention Emma Challinor is an individual openly against the concept of secret trust, pinpointing one of her claims, that “fraud is better prevented

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8487 words - 34 pages relationship or transactions.b) With the company, other than the director's remuneration, which in the judgment of the board may affect a director's independence of judgmentc) Companies shall have a 'qualified and independent' audit committee with a majority of independent directors.d) The Annual Report shall disclose details of the remuneration of directorse) The Annual Report should contain a Management Discussion and Analysis 'as part of the

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1752 words - 8 pages speaking, older specialists regularly fill ranks with authority hence having more access to corporation’s resources. In most instances, these perpetrators are a trustworthy part of a team who leverages on their ranks to put their hands on corporation assets. In their analysis, it was found that men are more than two times prospective to execute scam as their women contemporaries. Suggestively, the average loss of scam by male is two times huger as

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2560 words - 11 pages the point of view of Shelley. The tone of the poem is set by Shelley in the first few stanzas, he describes how he walks the path of the protests at St Peter’s field and the people he meets on his way. The characters are allegories in “The Mask of Anarchy with hidden identities. The politicians of England are depicted using images of Murder, Fraud and Hypocrisy. The speaker says, "I met Murder on the way, He had a mask like Castlereagh (2.5-6

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514 words - 3 pages Mason Grover Mrs. Pidgeon Dual Credit College English October 5, 2019 Causal Analysis Essay Beep! Beep! The hollow drone of an angry alarm clock rips through your subconscious.  Startled, you jolt upright and rush half dressed, to the office. Still groggy, you slide your card into the reader and a red light flashes, barring entry.  Confused, but not wanting go to the boss to call attention to your tardy, you tap the glass of the breakroom to

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1971 words - 8 pages of respectability (which helped enable him to operate) that was able to commit serious fraud in the course of his occupation. None the less this does pose a problem for the research and analysis as similar frauds maybe perpetrated by offenders from all levels of occupational hierarchy from caretaker to owner/chairman (as in the case of Robert Maxwell) (Croall, 1992).Consequently, there have been recommendations that the concept should be abandoned

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978 words - 4 pages Gabriel Gracia Marquez shows his talent in his short story "A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings". In his story Marquez displays his capability of having a wonderful imagination. As an author, Gabriel's goal is to teach the reader a moral. As Gabriel goes on with his story, the reader must be able to read "in between the lines" or interpret the story by using context in order to understand. In order to comprehend the story, one must use analysis

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4852 words - 20 pages ' represented a strictly legal doctrine as opposed to a moral right. To him Williams and Cockburn (pre-1968 cases) were decided wrongly, since even 'borrowing' without consent was sufficient factual evidence for an immoral act of fraud. Feely attached to 'dishonesty' unknown and unspecified dimensions that widened the breadth of theft to cases of minor misuse of property -'dishonesty' in relation to property is tied strongly to the lack of the

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5604 words - 23 pages (Correia, Mayall & Grady 2005) Economics (Gans & Mankiw 2005) (Jackson & Mciver 2007) Accounting (Langfield, Thorne & Hilton 2006) Commercial Law (Tabalujan & Toit-Low 2005) Business Statistics (Berenson et. al 2006) Numerical analysis Differential equation Probability distribution Market and instruments Foundation of Business Laws Determine fair value of assets Writing Financial reports and statements Efficient market

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1636 words - 7 pages integrated parts that has certain needs. Functionalism theory has the assumption based on their large-scale social processes that in order to maintain stability and consensus in the society, the needs of the society and its integrated systematic parts must be met (Germov, 2014). Within medical sociology, Talcott Parsons, the leading figure within this sociological tradition has greatly influenced the structural functionalist analysis of

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2315 words - 10 pages model, each being appropriate in different situations with different types of non-current asset. Firstly, using the IAS measurement bases allows the accountant and the entity to comply with legal regulations involved with providing financial statements. Under the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), financial statements must show a ‘true and fair’ view of the entity’s financial position or it is classed as fraud[footnoteRef:8

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3955 words - 16 pages the organisation as a whole to survive and thrive at a particular phase in development.The overall objective of internal audit is to act as a Consultant at all levels of management including cost centres in the effective discharge of its responsibilities by providing independent and confidential analysis, appraisal, advice and recommendations concerning the activities of appraising the relevance, reliability and integrity of management, financial

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8415 words - 34 pages Free paper I have faced few problems. I think these problems are faced due to some limitations of the study. However, these limitations can be presented in the following lines;The first limitation is the lack of intellectual thought and analytical ability to make it the most perfect one.The analysis is based on some limited data, so it has become difficult to draw a complete figure.Lack of in-depth knowledge for writing such kind of project