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Analysis Of Ezra Pound's Three Haikus

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Ezra Pound (1885-1972) was an American expatriate poet, critic and intellectual whose contribution to poetry began with the promotion of Imagism. Imagism, a movement in poetry which derived its technique from classical Chinese and Japanese poetry, mainly haiku-stressed clarity, precision and economy of language. It foregoes traditional rhyme and metre in order to, in Pound's words, "to compose in the sequence of the musical phrase, not in the sequence of the metronome".

In Pound's "In a station of the metro", in just two lines he conveys a wealth of imagery and symbolism, to describe the feeling of seeing random faces in a crowd ...view middle of the document...

There is a gap between the second and the last line and it suggests the lapse in time after which she was `laid aside'. The line says `You also' so there were probably many more before who were also `laid aside'. The haiku also can be read as the reminicising of an old debutante who is recalling her days of flirting and maybe one of her beaus was an imperial lord and she has probably laid aside this fan piece as it reminds her of him or maybe she has kept it aside because of all her beaus he meant the most to her.

The haiku starts with `O fan' hence it is personified so it cannot be read literally. And either of the surmises could be taken or it could be the same story being told from two points of view. It is a melancholic poem and the tone is reminiscent. A recollection of old days.

Lastly in his haiku `And the days are not full enough' the poet is bemoaning the monotony of his life. The title of the poem is also the first line of the poem. And he repeats the phrase `are not full enough' thrice, including the title. According to him, his `life slips by', he has not made any impact on the world because he is `like a field mouse' who while passing through the fields is `Not shaking the grass'. Nothing he does...

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