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Privacy & Identity Analysis
1. YouTube is enabling because it allows it's user to post videos that you've created and through a creative process your shaping the identity that you want other individuals to see you as. Based on the looking glass reading it allows other people to subscribe to our pages and watch our videos and leave comments on them. This process allows us to go back and edit the content we create because we learn what we need to work on and adjust to create a better base of content. We self-monitor ourselves so if our content is not getting the likes or positive reaction we want, we change our content to fit the likes of our followers. YouTube is taking our self-identities by creating a culture of the followers creating the identity of the people making these videos and controlling them based on a system of positive reinforcement. It limits our ability to show our true identity because we base our content on previous responses, even though what we created is what we enjoy we change it for other people. YouTube itself limits itself what we can or cannot post, so if we post something that we identify with but YouTube can take it down if they feel it is not appropriate. YouTube encourages people to post what they want because the more people that post the more advertisement space other companies are going to want to have.
2. YouTube is owned by Google so they follow the same privacy policy as Google does. Google states in their privacy link that privacy matters to them. Whether you are new to Google or a long-time user they value the privacy of the individual. When creating a YouTube account Google asks for a lot of personal information such as our names, email, phone numbers, and credit cards to link to the account we are creating. They may also ask individuals to make a public profile that they ask for a photograph of you. They collect information on the services we use and the ways we use them, like when we watch videos on YouTube, or visit websites with their advertising they collect device-specific information and Google than may associate our device identities or phone numbers with our Google accounts. What this means is when were signed into our Google accounts and go online shopping they can track that information and sell it to other companies. When using a Google service such as YouTube, Google stores information in server logs. This information can include details such as our searches, telephone information such as calls and their times and dates as well as SMS rout...


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