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Radiation Oncology Therapy Comparison AlgorithmNameClassInstitutionDateAbstractPurpose/ObjectivesThe aim of the study was to compare and validate a new dosage calculation algorithm, Acruros XB (AXB). Validation will be used to determine the effectiveness of AXB for computing dosage for radiation therapy, which is used in Eclipse treatment plans (TPS). An evaluation will be made by comparing the doismetric AXB data with an anisotropic analytical algorithm called AAA, using RTOG 0813 factors. The RTOG 0813 factors are used because stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) requires the use of dosage calculation algorithms that are capable of heterogeneity corrections for dosage computations. The study also was used ...view middle of the document...

Treatment procedures were designed with AAA, which included correction for heterogeneity. AAA plans were re-calculated with AXB, which included correction for heterogeneity. The re-calculation ensured beam parameters were identical and contained an equal amount of monitor units. Comparisons between AXB and AAA plans included the following parameters for RTOG 0813: prescription isodose volume ratio with PTV (R100%), prescription isodose volume at 50% ratio with PTV (R50%), prescription dosage percentage of max dosage of 2 cm from the PTV in whichever direction (D2cm), and ipsilateral lung percentage for receiving dosage equal to or greater than 20 Gy (V20).ResultsResults from the phantom study revealed that the data obtained for AXB had measurements that were in better agreement with a range difference of -1.7% to 2.8%. The results for AAA demonstrated a greater disagreement from measurements with range differences of 4.1% to 12.5% at field dimensions of 5x5 cm2 and 1.4% to 6.8% at field dimensions of 10x10 cm2. Results for RTOG SBRT (lung trial) demonstrated that AXB measurements were lower for R100%, R50%, and D2cm at percentages of 4.9%, 1.15%, and 1.6%, correspondingly. However, the measurements were higher for V20 (ipsilateral lung) by a percentage of 1.09% compared to AAA plans.ConclusionsThe comparison between AAA and AXB revealed that AXB had more actuate measurements for dosage predictions in a material equivalent to water that is expanded further than low density mediums. The results for doismetric measurements in the study demonstrated that both AAA and AXB are capable of satisfying the dosimeter standards set by RTOG 0813. AXB calculations generated were significantly lower for R100%, R50%, and D2cm, but greater for V20 compared to calculations from AAA.


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961 words - 4 pages recommended use, and if one machines crashes patient data is nontransferable. The current market for radiation oncology in North Central Iowa serves 6 counties with approximately 1,000 patients and the market share is 43.2%. Over the next 5 years a projected 8% market growth is expected. The projection of cancer rates increasing will drive a demand for new technology to assist in treatment. The Interventional Cardiology department was also chosen to

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2746 words - 11 pages . One pulse will be fired for each reactivity step. A computer-based data acquisition system records the pulse power trace, as a function of time. Using the power trace data analyzed for period, measurements can be conducted to calculate the pulse width, peak power, and total energy released. In addition, the system will record the maximum fuel temperature reached during the pulse, as well as the pulse rise data. A radiation survey was conducted

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1076 words - 5 pages arising out of differences in organism which had a common ancestor. Coevolution: Evolution in which one organism causes another to change since they live in close association.. Pnctuated equilibrium: Evolution is stable for a time and suddenly jumps to new forms 9 This kind of evolution is proven by DNA analysis and results in organisms with different ancestors becoming more alike as they adapt to similar environments. 10 Adaptive radiation is also

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1063 words - 5 pages . STANDARD I Qualified anesthesia personnel shall be present in the room throughout the conduct of all general anesthetics, regional anesthetics and monitored anesthesia care. 1.1 Objective – Because of the rapid changes in patient status during anesthesia, qualified anesthesia personnel shall be continuously present to monitor the patient and provide anesthesia care. In the event there is a direct known hazard, e.g., radiation, to the anesthesia

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1675 words - 7 pages , may resort to chemical, biological or nuclear radiation devices.10. The use of nuclear weapons remains the least likely scenario, given current levels of security and the reluctance of any state to support the use of such a weapon for terrorist purposes. The dispersal of a radioactive substance in a terrorist incident remains a possibility. Nonetheless, despite the seemingly advantageous potential of nuclear, chemical or biological methodology

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3912 words - 16 pages . (2012). Retrospective analysis of 697 septoplasty surgery cases: packing versus trans-septal suturing method. Acta Otorhinolaryngologica Italica, 32(2), 111–114. Deniz, M., Çiftçi, Z., Isik, A., Demirel, O. B., & Gültekin, E. (2014). The impact of different nasal packings on postoperative complications. American Journal of Otolaryngology, 35(5), 554-7. doi: Doenges, Marilynn E., and Mary Frances

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2614 words - 11 pages assessment: BP: 170/89 HR: 65 RR: 20 T: 97.0 SpO2: 92% 3L Vital Sign analysis (potential cause of changes, intervention and recheck needed?): Increase in BP could be related to hypertension and decrease in O2 saturation could be related COPD. Hence patient should be monitored. All other vital signs are within normal ranges Allergies: Eggs, Lisinopril and Nortriptyline Code status: DNR/DNI Social Health (family, significant

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2978 words - 12 pages earth’s atmosphere with greenhouse gases, aerosols, and the cloudiness of the atmosphere. Burning fossil fuels release excess carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. All of these actions can affect the earth badly by changing the gases in the atmosphere, changing radiation going in and out, and also the overall temperature of the earth. (11). If humans destroy and abuse our earth while using the resources up carelessly, the environment won’t be able

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