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Analysis Of The Client Law Movie Law Analysis, Essay

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Analysis of The Client
(Insert sentence) The law provides remedy and security to Mark Sway’s family by giving them a spot in the witness protection program, a house, a job for his mom and some starter money in return for Mark’s help in locating the body of the senator. The law also ensures peace in the movie by actively conducting an investigation on the well-known nephew of a mafia kingpin: Barry “The Blade” Muldanno. Putting Barry in jail would most definitely weaken the mafias grip on organized crime. Rules of conduct are also established when Mark is treated differently (i.e. his mother or other guardian must be present when he is question) since he is under the age of 18.
The rule of law is clearly applied in this movie whether it’s being ignored or followed. Mark realizes that even though the legal system has not treated him nicely in the past he needs the law on the side ensure his family’s safety is guaranteed. The mafia is also seen bribing police officers in this film, which obviously implies that they bribe other government officials which could play a part in their members getting preferential treatment within the legal system. This is against the rule of law which states that no one is above the law. Mark is shown having his rights and freedoms guaranteed when he decides to plead the fifth while being questioned, the fifth amendment is a core American right and Mark gets to rightfully keep it.
The idea of precedent is put on display when Mark gets extra protection of his rights because he is a child, he is treated differently in a reasonable manner due to his young age. Characters are generally not discriminated against under the law, Mark who is a child is given full rights which is exemplified when he asks if he can plead the fifth and is allowed to do so. Although the mafia likely puts itself above the law through the bribery of officials the law is still applied to them due to the fact that Muldanno is currently under investigation for murder. Societal norms are also in accordance to the way the law is being applied in this film. Murder is...

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