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Baadal Patel
In the novel, ​Just Mercy​, Bryan Stevenson writes about his account of being a legal
advocate aiding people with false convictions and cruel sentences. The story portrays multiple
situations that people are facing but the fundamental storyline is Stevenson’s organganzation,
EGI, and his relationship with Walter McMillan. Walter is an African American man who is
wrongfully convicted of murder due to the racism and oppression towards black men. He is
sentenced to death but Stevenson still takes on the case due to the fact there is no concrete
evidence. Throughout the novel, Stevenson realizes the corruption of the judicial system, the
immorality of the death penalty, and that society should choose mercy and empathy over cruelty
and punishment.
The judicial system during the 80’s failed Walter Mcmillan. He was wrongfully
convicted of murder over no concrete evidence to put him on death row. Even with albis proving
that Walter was nowhere near the murder of Ronda Morrison, the judges and officials still
sentenced him to death. The jury of the case wanted Walter to be sentenced to life without parole
but the judge overturned them and sentenced him to death. Stevenson had been working with the
SPDC for his fourth year sorting through the hundreds of people being sentenced to death in
Alabama. There was not a public defender system in place which left hundreds of people
without legal representation. At this time, Stevenson met Walter and decided to take on his case
even though he had already been convicted. Walter was blamed for this crime due to his skin
color and affair with a white woman. Walter tells Stevenson the oppression he faced whilst
getting arrested. ​“We’re going to keep all you niggers from running around with these white
girls. I ought to take you off and hang you like we done that nigger in Mobile.” Sheriff Tate said
this to Walter and this provides evidence of corruption in the system. Due to racism and
corruption, Walter had to stay death row for six years leaving his wife and 5 children alone.
Stevenson exploits the unfair system towards people with color and how it affects people and
their families.
Throughout history, the death penalty has been a controversial topic. Stevenson exploits
the immorality of the death penalty and the irony of it. The death penalty is one of the main
topics Steven...

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