Analysis Paper That Talks About Bioethics And Its Role In Society And Religious Aspects - BIOE - Essay

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This week’s readings focused on the beginnings of bioethics and its early role in society
through the descriptions of Jonsen, Engelhardt, and Garrett. In Jonsen’s text, ​The Birth of
Bioethics​, he explains how many individuals were concerned with the old tradition of medical
ethics; it was believed to be too frail in regards to matching up with the ethical challenges
presented by the new sciences and technologies. Similarities in Engelhardt's text, ​Foundations of
Christian Bioethics​, describe how reflections on medicine became the focus of whole works and
began to continue a subdiscipline of moral theology. The sense of moral probity was involved in
the conversation of the typical American doctors during the 1940’s and during the Modern
Period, “moral theory turned to medical morality during changes in the community and faith”
(Engelhardt 12). Many doctors were familiar with the Code of Ethics and were aware that their
main “duty to their patients implies that they should repudiate unorthodox, uneducated and
unethical practitioners, avoid institutional entanglements…”(Jonsen 5). These ethical dilemmas
were present in the work field, for the work of the doctor has to not only be correct, but also the
right remedy is relation to the issue, and it has to be done within the rules, customs, beliefs, that
highlight the meaning of life within society. There are three themes about morality produced in
Western cultural tradition: character, tradition, and sociail reponislityl. These are three of the
same topics which are relevant in literature on medicine, and can describe the ideal, “good
physician”. In relation to this topic, Garrett’s, text, ​The Beginning of Bioethics​, discusses the two
priorities of medicine: defending against disability, and defending death. Similar to Engelhardt
and Jonsen, he states that the shift on medicine occured and changed from a “profession that did
things ​to ​sick persons to one t...

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