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Analytical Chemist Assignment, Describe A Chemistry Related Career That Youd Be Interested In Chemistry Essay

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Analytical chemists perform controlled experiments to determine accurate investigations on the composition of natural and artificial chemicals. Not only that, they also play a critical role in the measurement of substances such as drugs in the medicine field. They do this by utilizing various types of equipment to collect data by sorting, examining, and classifying different substances. For this profession, there are many everyday responsibilities that each analytical chemist is accountable for. Some which include, designing sampling protocols, performing routine maintenance of the lab equipment, daily control testing, coordinating emergency responses, and supervising technical staff. In the lab, chemist’s are responsible for experimenting with different chemicals when in the office, they are in charge of analyzing data, preparing scientific reports, and communicating with other professionals. To further explain what exactly they are in charge of doing, analytical chemists design models of chemical specimens for testing purposes. They can only do this with specific equipment that needs to be regularly checked and looked after for precise measurements and results. When executing laboratory measures, there is always a chance that chemist’s might encounter complications during labs no matter how familiar they might be with the equipment. This is why it’s important to be prepared for the worst just in case of emergencies. In addition to that, this job involves working with chemicals, so when analytical chemists are generating solutions, many chemicals that they are working with are injurious to our health. This allows there to be safety regulations and guidelines that are mandatory for them to follow.
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