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Analytical Paper #2
In 1775, a thirty three year old man that goes by the name of Nathanael Greene became the youngest general officer and commander in the American army. The group of men he was in charge of faced the challenge of confining the soldiers that King George III sent to Boston. The Americans were to cut off all food and supply sources being supplied to the British soldiers all while keeping them from gaining any more “elbow room”, as a Britain general named Burgoyne once stated. (McCullough, page 49) Nathanael Greene, Being the youngest American general officer to command an army, knew very little about war. Being that this was the first time Greene had ever severed in a campaign and that he had never actually stepped foot onto a battle field himself, he was immensely under qualified for the job at hand. Many leading factors suggested the American patriot forces would ultimately be defeated in the war between Great Britain and the thirteen colonies.
With Britain in rule of the American colonies, the development of the American army did not happen quickly. The American soldiers were hardly deemed capable to fight and were not exactly given the proper tools needed to do so. With extreme limitations on weapons, gun powder, and ammunition, the British soldiers would heavily outweigh the Americans at war. Even with these limitations at hand, to the bigger of Nathanael Greene’s concerns was the overall lack of discipline the army showed itself. In a letter written to a man named Samuel Ward, a member of the Continental Congress, Greene wrote that, “the prospect was deeply disturbing, when you consider how raw and undisciplined the troops are in general, and what war-like preparations are going on in England.” (McCullough, page 70) The American army was far from a fully established organization at the beginning of the siege. The lack of artillery, uniforms, and discipline overall was a clear indication that the American patriots were simply unprepared for the batt...


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1192 words - 5 pages Free Tellez, “Two Fishermen,” by Morley Callaghan, and “The Most Dangerous Game,” by Richard Connell, as it prevents the barber from becoming a murderer, prompts Michael to turn against Smitty, and allows Rainsford to win the game. To start, the barber’s lack of courage affects his individual identity as it influences him in choosing not to kill Captain Torrez. The barber thinks that the ethos of the captain is skewed, and therefore the barber must

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522 words - 3 pages bragging rights. The way winning is described in this quote is acting like the coach is nothing without it. I can definitely understand where the coach is coming from that he cares about winning but if that’s what only matters to you and nothing else then there is a problem. Being a coach you have to expect to lose. By losing it helps the team as well as the coach on improving mistakes that were made. Another point on why i disagree with winning

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516 words - 3 pages National Bank for our economy, A high tariff that would help American Industries and revenue for the Federal Government, and plans for new roads and canals. These along with other internal improvements would be paid for by the new tariffs. “remains one of the most historically significant examples of a government-sponsored program to harmonize and balance the nation's agriculture, commerce, and industry”. Henry Clay was the center of this system, and


1924 words - 8 pages I. Introduction A. Thesis II. First Supporting Idea (because of the length of this paper, you may have many more paragraphs on the same supporting information for your argument) A. Claim B. Evidence i. Summary: you may end up giving more than one supporting evidence per claim ii. Quote iii. Paraphrase C. Warrant III. Second Supporting Idea A. Claim B. Evidence C. Warrant IV. Third Supporting Idea A. Claim B. Evidence C. Warrant V. Fourth

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869 words - 4 pages taking any real action to improve the situation. Instead, some even view the outburst as their own entertainment, laughing it off and claiming that ‘it’s just a dog.’ The apathy demonstrated is accentuated by a series of shots taken before and after the dog owners go back into their apartment. Upon hearing the cries of the wife, medium shots view how all the neighbours come out to see the commotion. However, once there is nothing more to understand

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1522 words - 7 pages . The music is upbeat and modern without any lyrics. This suggests that life in the Kyle family is upbeat and modern. The visual image shows a close-up of the Kyle's household. These strategies encourage the reading that the family is a middle-class family.The Brady Bunch is set in Los Angeles America in a time of post-war confusion and unemployment. The main setting used in the show is the four bedrooms, two storey house designed by Mike Brady

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