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Mutum (2007) is a Brazilian drama film directed by Sandra Kogut. The film is based on the novel Campo Geral (1964) written by João Guimarães Rosa. The Mutum film depicts a ten-year-old quiet little boy, Thiago, who lives in a small, hardscrabble farm named Mutum with his family. Although he is a child, Thiago observes the adults and their world is filled with violence and treacherous silence. It seems like a sad story when we see these scenes. However, at the end of the film, Thiago leaves his home to discover a new land which has an educated and civilized society.
Beginning of the film, the scene shows Thiago’s house, a rural place. I think this place is a natural, peaceful place. The house has simple people accompanied with fields, creating a beautiful, natural landscape that I often see in paintings. This is a simple life that can be from the 1950s. However, I am astonished at the behavior of Thiago’s father. He is so rude when he sees Thiago coming back home. I assume that he could be stressed by his heavy work. Because he is a farmer, he works in the field all day. Also, he is confronted with hard-labor with land, soil, and rock, creating a rough man. He treats people very violently. Thiago doesn’t understand why his father treats him rudely. The extremity of violence is shown through Thiago’s father beating his mother in the bedroom. This scene makes me curious and wonders what’s wrong with him. Why does he do that? Do his parents have internal conflict? Are they unhappy? Was someone betrayed? There are a lot of questions in my mind. In contrast to his father, Thiago’s uncle is a person that Thiago admires. He plays and teaches Thiago a lot of things in his life. He teaches Thiago how to make a trap to catch the animal. One day, Thiago’s uncle must leave their house. Thiago also does not understand why he must run. However, with the conservation between Thiago’s grandma and his uncle, I infer that his uncle and his mother are in love. That is a reason why his father is angry and beats his mother. Grandma understands behavior Thiago’s father, he can kill Thiago’s uncle, so she informs his uncle of running. After that, there is a tragedy that has happened in Thiago’s house. The house dog, Rebeca, is a puppy that Thiago loves, dies. His brother, Felipe, is also dead by fever when he cut his foot. Thiago’s father spirals out of control even more. His temper is getting hotter and worse. He hits Thiago and yells at his wife. The climax of his temper is when he accidentally kills his friend who works with him. To pay for his crime he must flee.
On the other hand, the film describes a nurturing mother who always sticks around and provides for her family. A kindly mother who cares about her husband and children. An exemplary woman who devotes her love to her children. She teaches Thiago to know about the right things that need to be done. she is worried and very caring when Felipe is sick. She prepares her husband’s delicious meal every day. I...

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